The cinema (1/2)

There’s a movie they have been meaning to see for quite some time now, but due to busy schedules they just did not get to doing it. When they heard that there was only one more week that the movie would be shown in the cinema, Rebel and her husband decided that they just had to grab the last chance to see it. They paid their tickets, bought some drinks and were the first to be seated in the small cozy cinema. Rebel and her husband were in the center seats in the back row. The prime seats, according to them. The lights were dimmed. They were still the only people in the cinema.

It was exciting to have the cinema to themselves. Rebel playfully put her hand on her husband’s crotch and winked at him. Moments later she withdrew her hand, but he grabbed it and put it back where it was. He put his arm around her and rested his hand on her breast, lazily caressing it. Just when the main movie was about to start after they have watched the trailers of new movies, they heard the door to the cinema open. A man walked in, looked around and entered the same row they were sitting in. Rebel wanted to sit up in her chair again, but her husband held her back. He still had his hand on her breast.

The man took place in the seat next to Rebel. He glanced over to the couple and then turned his attention to the movie. So did Rebel and her husband. Absentmindedly her husband stroke her breast, watching the movie. Rebel did not notice him slipping his hand into her blouse. But she did notice the hand on her upper leg. She was startled when she saw that it was the hand of the man next to her. Rebel’s husband has seen it to. “Let him,” he whispered in her ear. Rebel glanced at the stranger, saw him looking at her and fixed her eyes on the wide screen again. The man took this as consent, which in fact it was. He stroke Rebel’s thigh, moving his hand higher and higher up her leg. “Spread your legs,” her husband whispered in her ear again. Rebel looked at her husband. “Spread. Your. Legs.”

She spread her legs.

The man continued to rub her upper leg and thigh, now deliberately pushing her skirt up. He discovered her stockings, the clips of the garter belt that held the stockings up and the bare skin above the stockings. Rebel’s husband unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her breasts and the quarter cup bra she was wearing. He pinched her nipples. The stranger moved his hand up and up and came across another surprise: the lady next to him was not wearing any panties. Rebel still had her hand on her husband’s crotch. “Put your other hand on his crotch,” he whispered.

Rebel did not wait for him to say it a second time. Up to then she had her back in the corner of the chair, half against the backrest, half against the armrest between her and her husband. She moved to sit in the middle of the chair, forcing her husband to remove his arm behind her. She put her hand on the stranger’s crotch. His dick was hard, as was her husband’s. Her husband grabbed her leg closest to him and swung it over his leg. The stranger did the same with her other leg. Rebel’s legs were spread wide, her wet pussy exposed to the cool air in the cinema. The three of them were still following the movie, despite of the lust taking control of them.

Rebel unzipped the flies of the men and took their cocks out. She rubbed and softly squeezed the dicks, enjoying them stroking her thighs and just not touching her pussy. Her husband moved his hand to her breasts, pinching her nipples. The stranger saw this as an invitation to touch her pussy. Rebel sighed as his finger first found her wetness, then her clitoris. She had her first orgasm within moments. She moved her hands up and down over the hard cocks, wondering just how far this game would go.

The stranger fingered her and used the fluids coming from her pussy to rub her clitoris. Over and over Rebel climaxed, spraying fluids on the floor in front of her. Her husband put his finger on her clitoris while the man next to Rebel pushed his finger deep into her cunt, fingering her. Yet again Rebel climaxed, spurting fluids from her pussy. The men’s hands changed places and now her husband was fingering her, moving three fingers in and out of her soaked pussy. The stranger vigorously rubbed her clitoris. Just as her husband rubbed her rosebud with the juices from her pussy, Rebel climaxed again.

To be continued… The cinema (2/2)

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