In the garage

Back in her younger days Rebel had quite a lot of interesting sexual encounters. One of those was with a friend of a colleague, whom she liked more than just a bit and she desperately wanted to seduce him. He ran a garage which was situated behind his house and one Saturday afternoon late she drove over there, knowing that she would find him in his office – alone.

For the occasion she had carefully selected her clothing. It was a hot day and she was wearing the bare minimum. The crotch of the shorts she was wearing was modified. It was very narrow in the middle and the back of the shorts left part of her buttocks uncovered. Her low cut top did cover her breasts, but her hardened nipples clearly showed that she was wearing no bra. And she was not wearing any panties either.

When she arrived at her destination, she immediately noticed the open door of the garage and she knew where she would find him. She checked her clothes once more. As she walked slightly uphill towards the garage, she knew that anyone who would see her from behind, would be able to see her bum and her pussy. This excited her. Rebel’s pussy was wet and the knowledge that she was exposing herself outside the confinement of a building, was exciting her even more. Once inside Rebel walked through the workshop to the back of the building, where his office was situated. When she appeared in the doorway he looked up in surprise. His eyes widened when he saw what she was wearing. He looked her up and down, taking it all in.

Rebel walked around his desk to where he was still sitting in his chair. She pushed his chair back a bit, moved in between him and the desk and hopped onto the desk. Her legs were still closed. He smiled at her and she smiled back, wickedly. The look in his eyes when she put her feet up on the two armrests and gave him a perfect view on her wet pussy was worth a million dollars! He could not take his gaze off her wetness. The thin piece of cloth ran through her pussy and between her buttocks. He loved what he saw and instantly had a hardon. Rebel’s hard nipples were pushing against the thin top she was wearing. She pulled her top down over her breast to expose them. She loved looking down at her hard nipples.

This was the cue for him to come into action. He hooked his index finger around the thin piece of material that was supposed to be the crotch part of the pants Rebel was wearing. The material was wet. So was her pussy. He slowly ran his finger from the top of her pussy to the bottom, dipping it in the wetness. Rebel followed the movement with her eyes. He moved his finger back up and then pushed two fingers deep into her wet hole. Rebel sighed and lay down on the desk, her feet still on the armrests of the chair. She felt how he moved the chair closer to the desk. His fingers were still deep inside her pussy when she felt his tongue on her clitoris.

Rebel’s first climax overwhelmed her. It happened within the first couple of minutes after he started licking her. Her second orgasm came just as quickly. She opened her legs wide, wanting more and more. He firmly sucked on her clitoris while turning his fingers inside her. Rebel felt her horniness growing. She climaxed a couple of times more before he stopped sucking her. With two hands he started to work on her. He rubbed her clitoris and fingered her pussy, using three fingers. Rebel climaxed. And climaxed again. And again. Her pussy got wetter and wetter.

Suddenly he stopped. She had never seen a man pull his pants and underpants down that quickly. He sat back down in the chair and pulled her closer. Her bum was now hanging in the air, her back still on the desk, her feet still on the armrests. He moved closer, supported himself on his elbows and started to fuck her. Rebel had her hand on her pussy, stimulating her clitoris. The position she was in made room for him to enter her very deep. She knew she was not going to last long before having her next orgasm. His breathing made her believe that he will soon reach his climax too. He did. And so did Rebel.

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