How to care for lickable labia

by a very old and grey goat!

A very dear friend wrote this piece of text on caring for lickable labia. Wow, did this get me all hot and bothered! ~ Thanks, John!

My licks do not normally head straight towards spread legs! Indeed, my intention is always to make the legs spread instinctively – as a natural reaction to what is happening – and almost invitingly…

I like to start with little nibbles and licks in the hollow of the neck and moving around, up the chin to lips, tip if nose and back to the neck. From there it is to the lobes of ear followed by small puffs of breath into the ear. And then slowly retrace my route, culminating at the other ear. From there it is a slow and loving journey down to the tips of each breast, sucking a little harder here, to make the nipples stand proud. While my lips are occupied at one breast or another, my hand is making its tickling way towards that special mound… massaging gently on the outside of those other, equally sensitive, lips…

At this stage the kiss, lick and nibble routine travels down the side of the body with a few gentle bites for the hips as we pass. But avoid the central cleft! Just tease as we pass, heading down the insides of each leg towards the toes. Swap hands, still massaging gently around the external mons veneris as the tongue continues with the inside of her calves. (This is the stage where the legs part involuntarily!) Massage the soft soles of the feet while kissing and nibbling back up towards the, now rather damp, central part of the lady’s sex appeal. Nose teasingly at the clit while tonguing gently into those moist labia.

Now comes the hard part: Reposition your body to be in between those open legs without falling or hurting her!

You now have an open and inviting muff right in front of you, but control yourself – muff diving is just an expression. Blow gently, the air on that wetness causes some cooling and this extends ardour. Nose back at the clit and thrust the tongue, licking upwards to linger on the exposed cltoris. Suck gently on the clitty, while fingering softly around the anus.

Now you can get more enthuisiastic – lick harder, all around the pussy lips with teasing excurtions down to the anal area and back up, always heading back to the clitty for a gentle but firm suck. Nuzzle it; that little member is getting firmer and enjoying the attention.

At this stage more gymnastics are necessary – while maintaining loving oral contact with the clitoris, move your body back to her side, and insert one or two fingers, palm upwards, into that lovely wet vulva. Suck the clitoris while penetrating her sex and massaging upwards. Try and (gently) push her clitoris, from inside, deeper into your mouth; you won’t be far from the G spot…

Feel the spasms start within her stomach, radiating outwards, and becoming more uncontrollable – it feels like she is trying to throw you off, but keep at it until the spasms peak.

Withdraw your fingers, but spend at least twenty more minutes gently kissing and licking at those pussy lips and clitoris, before migrating back via breasts to the ears, mouth and neck. A loving “bringing down” is as important as the foreplay!

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  1. Very hot, great post, I love giving oral and like to think I'm pretty good, but always willing to learn more, every guy should read this!

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