HNT9: Nipple charms

About a month ago I ordered nipple charms. Nipple charms are non-piercing body jewelry and accessories and can be found following this link.

Since last week I have been wearing my nipple charms. I have to wear them every day. That’s a standing order from my Husband. And yes, I gladly wear them every day, as it makes me feel sexy. Of course at my work no one knows what I am wearing under my clothes, but I do. Each time I go to the bathroom, I just cannot help it: I have to touch my nipples. I love to see the charms on my nipples and I love to see my nipples harden when I softly touch them. At first I thought that there’s no way the charms will stay on, but they really DO stay on all day long. They don’t fall off, no matter how much I move during the day. I am proud to wear them and love the sexy feeling it gives me!

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