HNT10: Dressed as instructed

Yesterday we had an appointment. Two actually. The first appointment was meeting someone I played some ‘games’ with many moons ago, before hubby and I had a serious thing going. The second appointment was to have my newest tattoo checked by the tattoo artist. We were off from work the entire day, so had plenty of time to get everything done. About two weeks ago hubby gave me an assignment: on this day I was to wear a dress/skirt, stockings, nipplecharms and boots. Then, after my tattoo was checked, I had to take my panties off and somewhere during the afternoon I would have to show him or let him feel how wet I was. You can imagine that I was very nervous. The night before the day I had strange dreams about stockings, meetings and wearing no boots. Some very confusing images in my dreams.

I slowly got dressed this morning, wondering how I was going to get through the day wearing stockings, walking around all day. And if no one would see. And if when I take my panties off, no one will be able to notice. And how in the world would I let him see or feel my wetness? Before we left, some pix were made.

After a nice meeting with an old friend we went to the tattoo artist. I was so nervous, having to show him my tattoo so he could check whether it was healed properly. I pulled my dress up and there the tattoo was, just above the rim of the stockings. I told him what I wanted done (just a slight addition) and he said we could make an appointment for it. When he walked over to the computer, he was saying funny words in a funny voice. Was it because of my stockings? I don’t think I’ll ever know!

From the tattoo shop we went to a regular shop, where I grabbed some clothes and went to the fitting room. I fitted the clothes and even bought some of it afterwards, but the main thing was that I had to take off my panties. The rest of the day (a couple of hours) I walked around without panties. Late afternoon we went to a restaurant. It was nice weather, so most people sat outside. We went to sit inside. Behind me was a couple and behind my husband was no one. He pretended to tie his shoelaces and I spread my legs so he could see that I was not wearing panties. It was difficult to see since the light was coming from behind me. So I spread my legs again and at the same time spread my pussy lips with two fingers. There were staff walking in and out of the restaurant, serving customers on the terrace and I kept an eye on them. Yet again my husband could not see everything. So I dipped my finger in my pussy and showed him the wetness on my finger. He was happy. I have completed my assignment with success. And to celebrate: I licked my own juices off my finger!

In the car on my way home I pulled my dress up and made some photos to show him afterwards… we went home in separate cars, but that’s another story!

 This is quite a long post for a HNT, but I hope you enjoyed!


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11 thoughts on “HNT10: Dressed as instructed

  1. I love tasks like this, seeing how they have been enjoyed in other dynamics makes me smile. I’m curious about nipple charms. I’ve not seen them before. Was that pre- piercings? I’m post-piercing and while I miss the pretty, it never healed (or added any pleasure) so I’m wondering if something like this would be a fun addition.

    1. It was only the third time I had my nipples pierced and only wear straight bars, that mine really healed. But, before having them pierced again, I frequently wore nipple charms, or non-piercing nipple rings. If you search on that, you will find quite some hits 🙂 xox

      1. I shall have a look. I think mine may have been too deep (it bled- A LOT- at the time. I went to the cinema after and came out looking like I’d been stabbed in the breast)

        I’ll have a look for the non-piercing jipple rings, so watch this (or my) space! Thank you xx

  2. lots of hnt pix…and i love the nipple charms (and the boots…now i have terrible boot envy!)

    you are one hawt momma! phew…!

  3. Oh I just love it! All of it… your day and the pics are….. well HOT!!!!!!! So glad you had a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear another story.

    kisses sexy

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