The island (2/2)

(A fantasy)

Continued from The island (1/2)


Suddenly there was a lot of movement around. From the sounds Rebel thought that she heard a lot of people moving towards the hammock. She was correct. All of the men and the women were now standing around the hammock. Hands touched Rebel all over. Her hair, her face, her shoulders, her stomach, her thighs, her lower legs. But also her breasts, her nipples, her pussy. Her breast were cupped by hands, hard and soft. Her nipples were pinched – sometimes soft, sometimes so hard that Rebel tried to pull away. The straps prevented her from moving. Her clitoris was rubbed and she felt fingers in her pussy. She even felt someone running his or her finger over her anus. Rebel could feel herself getting wetter. She closed her eyes in embarrassment. Then she sensed the breath of someone on her nipples. A tongue circled her hard nipple and softly bit in it. Soon her other nipple was getting the same attention from another person standing next to the hammock. More pressures was applied to her clitoris and before Rebel could stop herself, she reached a climax. The hands did not stop and she realized that it was not going to stop anytime soon. Rebel surrendered.

The stimulation of her clitoris continued. Fingers moved in and out of her pussy, making her wetter. The wetness dripping down from her pussy was used to lubricate her ass. Rebel liked having her ass rubbed, but in this situation it was weird. She had no idea who was doing it – a man or a woman. Another climax overwhelmed her and she lost her train of thought. Hot breathing on her clitoris told her that her someone was about to suck her clitoris. It happened. Softly at first, then harder. A tongue ran through the slit of her pussy and down to her ass, lubricating everything and sending Rebel to her next climax. She did not care anymore. All she wanted now was to be satisfied. The touches on her body drove her wild. Still she gasped behind the gag when she was roughly entered by one of the men. He fucked her at a high pace and it did not take long before he pulled back and sprayed his sticky load over Rebel’s stomach. Rebel had no time to recover, because the next man was already inside her. His strokes were slower than that of his predecessor, but not gentler. He banged deep into her and soon his cum sprayed over her thighs. Rebel lost count. One after the other the men entered her and fucked her. She lost count of the men. She lost count of her own climaxes.

Rebel felt lonely when everyone stopped touching her. Her lower body was sticky with the cum of many men over it. Her pussy felt sore after the banging it had to endure. Her nipples were sensitive after having it pinched by many fingers. She could hear the people talking around her, but could not follow any of the conversations. When she woke up the sun was shining again. Two women were washing her with some hot water, paying special attention to her pussy and ass. Rebel realized that she was horny. What was going to happen next? She felt her legs being untied. Were they going to untie her and let her out of the hammock? Soon she realized that this was not the case. Rebel’s hands were untied too and then strapped in next to her body again. Next thing the hammock was slipped over. Rebel was now hanging in the straps that were holding her in the hammock. She could almost reach the ground with her toes. Her feet were grabbed and pulled towards the same poles her hands were tied to up to moments before. Then they tied her feet again. She was now hanging in the hammock, almost doubled up. Her ass and pussy were open wide and exposed to everyone.

Water was being poured over Rebel’s ass and pussy. Then a tongue touched her anus, licking and pushing in. She was instantly wet. Rebel’s horniness made her gladly undergoing the treatment of her ass and pussy. She sensed someone standing in front of her. This was confirmed when she felt someone pinching her nipples. She sighed. She enjoyed. She was surprised as her blindfold was removed, but startled when she saw a huge hard cock right in front of her face. Her gag was removed too and replaced by the cock while her face was held on both sides by two hands. She could not move, restrained by the straps and her face held tight by the two hands. The cock was held still in her mouth and someone hissed “suck”. The thought of biting did not even cross her mind – she sucked. Not for long. The man moved his cock in and out of her mouth and all Rebel could do was to keep her mouth open. She was fucked in her mouth while someone was still sucking her ass and pussy. Cum filled Rebel’s mouth. Some she swallowed, some dripped out of her mouth onto the sand below her. The hands let go of her head, but was then replaced by two other hands. Again her mouth was filled. Rebel sucked and swallowed. When her head was lowered again she waited for the next cock to enter her mouth, but it did not come.


She had no time to recover. The licking of her ass and pussy turned into two fingers being pushed into her pussy. Rebel climaxed. A finger pressed against her anus and pushed in just a bit. Out again. In again, a bit further. She felt a tongue on her clit and realized that more than one person was busy with her. Rebel did not care. She wanted more. Raw sexual feelings overcame her. She even tried to spread her legs more. Another climax overwhelmed her. Her clitoris was licked. Her pussy was fingered. A finger was moving in and out of her anus. A second finger entered her anus. Everything was wet – her clitoris, her pussy, her anus. The fingers rotated in her ass, trying to get her relaxed. The licking of her pussy stopped as a thick cock entered her pussy. Slowly it started to fuck her and at the same pace the two fingers were moving in and out of her ass. At the same time someone was rubbing her clitoris. Rebel enjoyed. She was now totally giving herself to the feelings inside herself and what was being done to her. She now wanted to be fucked, wanted to be used. The man fucked her at a steady pace. Rebel felt another finger being added to the two already in her ass. She climaxed again.

A cold substance was dripped down between her buttocks. The fingers smeared it over and in her ass. The cock was still in her pussy. More of the substance was used until Rebel’s ass was totally prepared. Then her pussy was empty and she felt the same cock pressing against her ass opening. With her legs spread the way they were and the lubrication there was no preventing the cock from slowly slipping inside. It filled her more and more. Just when Rebel thought she could take no more, the cock pulled out and then slowly moved in again. In a way the strange man fucking her ass was being gentle. Two fingers entered her pussy and a tongue still circled her clitoris. Rebel felt two hands on either side of her head and she knew what was coming. She opened her mouth to receive the cock. She did not suck, but just allowed the cock to fuck her mouth. Her senses were concentrated on the cock in her ass, filling her entirely. For several minutes he fucked her slowly and then he picked up the pace, pushing his cock into her ass as deep as possible. When Rebel felt the cum in her mouth, she felt her pussy and ass contracting as her own orgasm ripped through her body. At the same time she felt the cum being spurted deep in her ass.

She fell asleep, not noticing the hammock being turned back. Her legs were not tied again. What would happen when she woke up?

© Rebel’s Notes

4 thoughts on “The island (2/2)

  1. @Marcus
    seriously and deliciously kinky girl” – WOW, now those are words I love to hear… and yes, if I ever happen to be in a gangbang, guess who will also be there? 😉
    ~ Rebel ~

  2. Wow ….. you are one seriously and deliciously kinky girl….. and if that gangbang ever becomes a reality I seriously want to be in the middle of it ….

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