The island (1/2)

(A fantasy)

She did not know how it happened, but she found herself alone on a small boat in the burning sun. She was covered with a piece of orange plastic which later appeared to be a tent. Rebel sat up in the boat and for a moment she panicked. All she could see was water. She was somewhere on the sea. But where? And why? And how? Then she saw an island not too far away and the boat seemed to be drifting in that direction. Rebel looked around for some oars, but there were none in the boat. All that was in the boat with her was a small bottle of water and the orange tent. She pushed the plastic away, wanting to use her hands to paddle herself towards the island. She totally forgot to do so when she discovered that she was fully naked. What was going on? What happened? How in the world did she get into this situation?

Rebel was startled when the boat bumped into something. She was so lost in thought that she did not notice that the boat drifted right towards the island. For some moments she stayed in the boat, looking around. There was no one on the beach. On the other side of the wide beach the forest started, but she could not see anyone there either. She listened. The only sounds she could hear was the sound of the waves. When Rebel felt the boat move under her, she jumped up. She did not want to be in the boat if it happened to be pulled out to sea again. She grabbed the plastic tent and started to wrap it around her, but it was stuck somewhere in the boat. Rebel almost lost her balance when the boat moved again. Naked she jumped out of the boat. Using all the strength she could muster she pulled the boat away from the water. Then she tried to get the orange tent out of the boat again, but yet again she did not succeed. Rebel could do nothing else but to stay naked. The sun was hot and she wanted to get out of it. She grabbed the bottle of water and walked over to the first trees. With her back against one of the trees she sat staring out over the sea, trying to think what she could and should do.

For now her first priority seemed to be getting something to eat and to have some shelter to sleep. Except for the sounds of the sea she could now also hear the wind in the trees and the birds whistling. Maybe she would be able to find some fruit somewhere. She stood up and looked around her. To which side would she go first? Of course that did not matter at all, but before she could decide something totally spine chilling happened. Strong arms grabbed her from behind and pinned her arms to her body. She screamed, but the arms did not let go. Kicking backwards she tried to hurt whoever was holding her. A man appeared in front of her and grabbed her legs. Rebel was now hanging between the person behind her and the man in front of her. There was no way to recognize him – he was wearing a mask over his eyes and part of his nose. Only a mask – he was naked. Rebel was terrified. She was still screaming. More men appeared around her – all wearing masks. None of them spoke.

Rebel was carried deeper into the forest. She was still squirming to get out of the grip of the two men, but nothing helped. She begged, but they did not even acknowledge her pleas. Suddenly they were in a clearing between the trees. There were some huts around and Rebel could see a couple of women too. The women were wearing masks too. Her squirming movements stopped as she looked around. The women were all standing in the center of the opening between the huts. They were naked too, except for all wearing similar masks as the men were wearing. When the men were close to the women, the women stepped aside to reveal what was behind them. Rebel did not understand. She saw a hammock at about a meter from the ground. It was attached to four thick poles that were taller than any of the men around. From the hammock hung straps that reached the ground. Several straps were attached to the thick poles too. Rebel’s mind could not process what she was seeing.

The men swung Rebel onto the hammock. When they let go of her, she tried to squirm away, but because of her weight in the hammock she could not get out of the hammock. That, and the men were holding her down – their hands on her one leg and her chest. She wanted to kick at them, but more men and women walked towards the hammock. Now Rebel knew what the straps were for. She got tied down on the hammock. Several straps pinned her down to the hammock as the people around her walked away. She screamed. She begged. She cried. No one listened. They did not even pay any attention to her at all. Rebel could not believe what was happening to her. She was quiet for a while, but then she started begging again. A woman walked over to her and Rebel hoped that she would be untied and that all this will happen to be one big joke. However, she knew it was not. The woman bent over her and kissed her on the lips. Rebel turned her head away. The woman moved down and softly bit Rebel’s nipples. Rebel lifted her head and looked at her in amazement. Who were these people. The woman then turned her attention back to Rebel’s face and kissed her again. Yet again Rebel turned her face away. Next thing the woman pushed her finger between Rebel’s bound legs. It happened very quickly. The woman turned around, looked at a man who seems to be the leader of this weird group and shook her head. Rebel was left alone again.

Rebel was ignored while everyone was busy preparing dinner. The sun was gone and it was getting darker. Two big fires on either side of Rebel kept her warm but also served as the only light sources. Rebel was hungry. And quiet. She was tired of screaming and pleading. No one was listening. She would try to reason with them when she has gathered some strength again. When three of the men walked over towards her she flinched. What was going to happen? The two corners of the hammock at her feet’s side were untied by two of the men while one man held his hands under her back. She was gently lowered to the ground in a sitting position. Then one of the women walked over with a plate of food. She started feeding Rebel and gave her something to drink. After she ate, the hammock was tied back to the poles again. The men and the women had their dinner too. Rebel was surprised to find herself dozing off, under the circumstances.

Rebel was startled when she felt someone fumbling with the straps holding her legs together. When she saw that two women were untying her, she sighed with relief. She did not notice the men standing at each of the poles where the hammock was tied too. The moment her legs were untied, each of the men grabbed one of her legs. A leather band was attached to her ankles and her feet were tightly tied to the poles. In the process Rebel’s body was pulled down on the hammock and her ass was now halfway on the hammock and halfway hanging over the edge. Rebel’s legs were spread wide and her pussy was exposed to all eyes. Rebel begged the women to untie her. The women turned their faces to Rebel. She thought that at last her pleas were heard, but she could not have been more wrong. Moments later she was gagged and blindfolded. One of the woman ran her hand over Rebel’s stomach, down to her pussy and softly touched her clitoris. Rebel felt embarrassment when a nice feeling spread through her pussy. The other woman was not as gentle. In one smooth movement she pushed a finger into Rebel’s pussy. Not removing her finger she half turned around, looked at one of the men and Rebel heard her saying “she’s wet”.

To be continued… The island (2/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

2 thoughts on “The island (1/2)

  1. @Marcus
    Realisation of this fantasy would be wonderful, but where to find an island like that 😉
    Then… would love to hear what you thought of part 2!
    ~ Rebel ~

  2. mmmmmmmm this is shaping up to be an interesting story ……… I am just wondering to what extent thsi could be played out …. could be fun to set up the realisation of this fantasy for you

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