The hotel room

There was a time when Rebel went through a phase meeting chat buddies in real life. Now, years later Rebel has renewed the contact with some of those people and yet again others have permanently disappeared from her life. One of the people Rebel has contact with again is The Traveler (a man) and one of the people who has disappeared from her life is S (a woman).

One evening about 7½ years ago Rebel, The Traveler and S had an appointment in a hotel room. It was The Traveler’s birthday and they were going to celebrate it in a special way. Soon after the ladies arrived they took a shower together. The Traveler grabbed the camera and started making photos. S stood behind Rebel and hugged her, while they smiled at the camera. When they changed places, Rebel kissed S in her neck, cupped her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples. S turned around and bent over to suck Rebel’s nipple. The Traveler shot the one picture after the other, enjoying the scene in front of him.

Soon the two ladies were on one of the hotel beds – naked. They lay side by side, looked at each other and kissed. Rebel caressed S’s nipples. Their legs were intertwined and from where The Traveler was standing he had a good view on two clean shaven pussies. He loved the sight of it! S pushed herself up on her elbow and looked down at Rebel’s pussy. She put her hand on it, ran her finger through Rebel’s wetness and stopped at her clit. Slowly S circled and rubbed Rebel’s clit, while she softly bit one of Rebel’s nipples. They kissed again and then changed places. Rebel kissed S and sucked her nipples. This just got them in the mood for more.

They got the double dong out. Within moments the ladies have slipped it into both of their pussies. Rebel straddled S while moving her hips up and down. The dong moved in and out of her own pussy, but also in and out of the wet pussy of her friend. It was as if they were fucking each other and they loved it. The Traveler had a full view on their pussies and the double dong in it and what he saw excited him enormously. When both ladies had their first orgasms they lay side by side on their backs on the bed. But not for long. S bent over, pushed the one side of the double dong back into Rebel’s pussy and started to lick her clitoris. Rebel did not mind this at all.

She enjoyed and soon she had another orgasm. But she wanted to taste pussy too and asked her friend to straddle her face. In a 69 position with S on top the two ladies licked each other’s pussies. It had been years since the last time that Rebel tasted another woman. She enjoyed the feeling of the soft flesh on her tongue and the musky flavor of the pussy right in front of her. At the same time she enjoyed being licked by another woman. When she had another orgasm, her friend sat up and looked down while Rebel continued to lick her wet lips and clitoris. Her friend climaxed too.

Again they lay down next to each other, each getting out her own vibrator. Laying next to each other they kissed while the vibrators hummed away, pleasing their clitorises. But still the ladies wanted more and out came the double dong again. They sat across from each other, their legs wrapped together. The double dong was yet again inserted in their pussies and they started pushing towards each other, pushing the dong deeper into each other’s pussies. Fucking each other. They looked up at the camera as The Traveler made yet another picture, not slowing down the pace at which they were fucking each other with the dong. The Traveler wanted to play too and decided to help the ladies on to another orgasm. He grabbed the two vibrators that the women had put aside, switched it on and put it against the two clitorises in front of him. Two orgasms happened quite quickly.

M backed off to let the ladies go ahead with their games. They still had the dong in their pussies. Each of them put one leg in the air – opposite from each other – and supported their feet against each other in the air. Their fingers were on their own clitorises and the next orgasms were not far away. After yet another orgasm from both ladies, S asked The Traveler to lie down on bed. She straddled him and while he was fucking her, Rebel made more pictures. Seeing his cock deep in her friend’s pussy excited Rebel quite a bit. When the two she was watching each had an orgasm, The Traveler’s birthday party came to an end.

It was quite late in the evening when the two friends left the hotel. Rebel dropped S off at her house and on the way to her own house, she called a dear male friend. She was still horny. She told him where she was, told him that she was still horny and asked if she could see him. After a short telephone conversation she did not turn in the direction of her own house. When she arrived at her friend’s house she totally surrendered to him and hours later she at last was sexually exhausted.

© Rebel’s Notes

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