The G-spot (3/3)

The last part that Rebel wants to share about the G-spot is the different positions there are where the G-spot can be stimulated during sex. Enjoy!

G-spot Sex Positions

Obviously, some sex positions provide better G-spot stimulation than others. Below you’ll learn some of the best.

Rear Entry Positions
Nearly all rear entry positions provide excellent G-spot stimulation. The angle of entry causes the tip of the penis to hit the front wall of the vagina and consequently the G-spot.

“Doggie style”
One of the best postions for hitting the G-spot, Doggie style also allows for simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

Have her get on her hands and knees while you enter her from behind. Experiment with different positions to see what hits the G-spot the best. She can arch her back or lower herself toward the bed to change the sensations. Either one of you can control the motion. You can thrust, she can rock back onto you, or both.

The spoon position offers many of the same benefits of doggie style but is much more relaxing.

Have her lie on her side, then lie behind her so that your front is pressed into her back. This position offers almost constant G-spot pressure and is perfect for couples that are of dramatically different size.

Woman on Top
A favorite position for many women, woman on top lets her control the speed and pressure of the G-spot stimulation.

To get in this position she simply straddles you. Then she can lean forward or backward, bounce up and down, and move slow or fast to change the sensations.

Rotated Woman Position
This tantric sex position offers slow, yet excellent G-spot stimulation.

Lie flat on the bed and let her straddle you backwards. She should be facing your feet. She then leans forward carefully until she is grabbing your ankles. From this position she can slide up and down or simply rotate her hips in a “figure 8” motion. She’s in complete control here and can set the pace and depth.

Hmmmm… so which position to try first?

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