I frequently go to the sauna with my friend. We both love the feeling of water on our naked bodies and relaxing in each other company all day long. Frequently during the day our conversation turns to sex. Sometimes it excites us, sometimes it doesn’t. No, that’s not true. It always excites us – some days more than others.

What follows, is a fantasy… a birthday gift to myself…

* * * * *

On this particular day, they were definitely both excited. They decided to go for a swim in the indoors swimming pool. The water of that pool is somewhat cooler than the water of the surrounding bubble baths and they hoped that they could both cool down. Around the pool were some beds where women could relax. The lighting was low. From the outside of the pool, looking in the water had a dark blue color. The black cloth on the ceiling with the starry lighting reflected in the water, making it almost impossible to see what was under the water. Probably this was the way it was designed, so people could have some ‘privacy’ when swimming.

There were not many other women in the swimming pool, which allowed them to swim a couple of laps. Now, this was no competition pool, so one lap was about 25 meters. They swam from the deeper end to the swallow end and then back to the deeper end. There they waited for a couple of minutes before repeating the laps.

Each time they stopped, the conversation about sex continued. The water definitely cooled their bodies down, but the sexual tension they both felt was not receding. When talking, they huddled close together so the other women could not hear what their conversation was about. With their backs to the bigger part of the pool they stood on a narrow ledge in the pool, hanging on to the side of the pool. Rebel half turned to her friend and moved her hand in the water behind them, back and forth, back and forth. As her hand moved back in the direction of her friend, she pushed her hand under water and softly stroked her friend over her shoulders, her lower back and buttocks.

Her friend looked at her in surprise, but continued talking as if nothing has happened. Rebel turned around and swam away; her friend followed. When they were back in their spot on the deep end of the pool, they half turned to each other. Rebel kept her shoulders under water, so no one could notice the movements of her hands. She knew that intimacy in the sauna – desired or not – were not allowed.

She moved her hand down her friend’s back again, lingering at her buttocks, softly squeezing them. Her friend briefly closed her eyes and sighed. Rebel sank up to her chin into the water. A woman swam towards them. Rebel started talking, keeping her hands close to her own body. When the woman swam away from them, Rebel glanced around. There was no one else close to them. Rebel put her hand back on her friend’s back. Then, watching for some reaction from her friend, she slowly moved her hand to the front of her friend’s body. Her hand was now resting on her friend’s tummy. She could feel the quickened breathing of her friend. Moving her hand upwards, she touched the lower curve of her friend’s left breast.

Her friend looked at her. Rebel kept her hand still. Her friend nodded and closed her eyes. Ever so softly Rebel put her hand on the breast of her friend. She felt the hard nipple in the palm of her hand. With her flat hand, she moved in circles over the nipple, hardening it even more. She moved her hand a bit lower, allowing the nipple to slip between two fingers. Gently she squeezed. A sigh escaped her friend. She moved her hand to her friend’s other breast, lightly pinching that nipple too. Under the water Rebel’s nipples were hard too and even though she was in a swimming pool, she felt the juices in her own pussy.

She looked at her friend, who seemed to enjoy this little naughty encounter – naughty because the rules at the spa said that they were not allowed these kind of acts here and naughty because they both knew that her husbands would not approve. However, for different reasons – reasons only known to the two women.

Rebel moved her hand down. She stopped for a moment when she reached her friend’s lower abdomen. Her friend did not stop her. She continued, feeling the think dark line of hair under her hand. Then she felt the swollen pussy lips. Her friend was clearly as excited as she was. She cupped her friend’s sex, holding her hand still for a moment, until her friend pushed her pelvis forward. The water surrounding them made it easy for Rebel to slip a finger between her friend’s pussy lips. She easily found the erect little knob, awaiting her touch. She lightly circled the knob. Her friend parted her legs a bit, allowing her better access. Rebel moved her finger from the little knob, down between her friend’s labia and pushed her finger in her friend’s pussy. Her friend’s fluids were streaming as freely as her own. Her finger retraced its steps back to her friend’s clitoris…

They were startled when someone spoke behind Rebel. Neither of them had noticed the two women who had swum in their direction and who were now having a conversation right beside them. They waited for a while, but the women did not seem to plan to leave anytime soon. The two friend’s swam to the shallow side of the pool and decided to go and get a refreshing drink in the restaurant to cool off and get their minds on other things.

* * * * *

Fantasies might always be fantasies or fantasies may be played out in real life.
Friendship is not a fantasy, but something to be treasured.

© Rebel’s Notes

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