Sub Step 2 point 5

In recent posts (Being OwnedFirst Sub StepFirst Assignment) I have started to tell you about exploring my submissive side. I don’t think we are unique in this – the fact that our relationship has somehow evolved to this. We have been together for 8 glorious years, of which 5 as a married couple. We have always had a nice and happy sex life – except for my down period which unfortunately lasted more than a year. Occasionally we played around with my Husband tying me to the bed, but mostly our sex life was very vanilla.

Then came that one evening where we talked about me being dominated. Whether I would like it? Whether I would want to submit myself to him? Whether he would want to dominate me? Oh, I cannot even remember all the questions there were and all the things we have discussed, but eventually we were sure: we both felt the same about it. We would explore my submissive side. This is something I want (and wanted for quite some time), something that fits perfectly. We would be each other’s equals in everything, except sex. Just the way I want it.

But then, typical I started to doubt the new ‘arrangement’. What if my Husband has only agreed to this to please me? What if this was not something that he really wanted? What if he gets to be unhappy in our relationship? I wrote my Husband a short e-mail. Yes, we are a modern couple. We frequently send each other e-mails, even if we’re in the same room. Most of the time it’s because the walls have ears… in other words, there are kids around.

These were the words that my Husband sent me:

I want to treat you like that. To submit you to my wishes. To hurt you and to make you feel that I own you. To make you feel that I love you. All that you have to do is what I ask you to.
This is definitely my desire too. I do not have to get used to treating you as my sub. I do it with intense satisfaction. I enjoy it. And yes, it makes me horny.
After tonight you will never again doubt who owns you. I will make you feel it.

Reading these words made me quiver. Different feelings surged through my body: expectation, pleasure, lust. This is what I wanted: I want to be dominated. I want to have him as my Master. It has taken quite some time for me to express this wish and I know I am privileged that I have found this in my Husband.


In the bathroom I removed the plug that I was wearing all evening. Earlier in the evening he had instructed me to wear it. Walking into the bedroom I saw my collar, two leather cuffs, nipple clamps and the flogger on the bed. At the foot of our bed was the stool I use at my dressing table.

I put my buttplug on the bed. My Husband wanted to know whether he told me to take it out. I wanted to explain, but he strictly said that I should put it back in. I lay down on my side with my back to him and slowly inserted the plug again. I know he likes to watch me do it. He asked me to sit down on the stool, facing the bed. I suppressed a nervous giggle. I held my hair up and he fastened the collar around my neck. The first leather cuff was tied around my left wrist. Next the other cuff, around my right wrist. Watching him fastening the leather cuffs, I wondered what his plans were. I thought that he was going to tie my wrists to the bed in front of me, using the clip on one of the cuffs. I was surprised when he pulled my arms backwards and clipped the two cuffs together behind my back. He softly ran his hands over my arms and up my back. It felt nice.

The black flogger was displayed on the bed, right in front of me.
Then I was blindfolded.

Behind the blindfold I tried to open my eyes. I could just barely see some light coming in, but that was it. I heard him walking behind me. I hoped he would touch me again, but he did not. He left the room. I was alone in the room. I opened my eyes again, but saw nothing. Was my eyes open? I tried again. Still, I could see nothing. No light. It was dark in the room. There I was: alone in the dark on a stool in the middle of the room, buttplug in my ass, collared, hands cuffed behind my back. A strange feeling came over me. I thought: I can do this. I can wait. He’ll be back soon. However, that ‘soon’ lasted longer than I thought. My shoulders started to hurt a bit. I managed to turn my wrists a little bit, but it did not really help. I tried to find another position to sit in, but every move I made, reminded me of the buttplug. It was a nice sensation though.

He returned, passing behind me, yet again without touching me. I noticed that not being able to see made me try to distinguish sounds by listening intently. My Husband moved around in the room and then I sensed him standing next to me. He softly stroked my breasts. I actually expected him to pinch my nipples, but he did not. He just softly touched them. When I felt his hands on my nipples and a tingly feeling on my legs I realized that it was not his hands that I was feeling. The first touch of the flogger on my skin came unexpected. It did not hurt that much, though. It only stung a little. He kept on hitting me in the same place and that started to hurt after a while. When I bent my shoulders forward, he stopped.

“Do you like it?”

I nodded.

“Do you want more?”

I nodded again.


I did not answer him. I was too shy to admit that I wanted it harder.

“Do you want it harder?”

His voice was pushing me for an answer. I nodded. This is what I wanted. I realized that if I don’t tell him what I like or how I want it different, I will not feel satisfied.

“You are a slut. MY slut.”

This time I heard the flogger move through the air before it hit me. However, it hit me where I did not expect: on my bum. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. I lost count. My bum felt hot. He stopped. I heard him move through the room. Then he was back at my side. I felt a soft touch on her nipple. I heard metal against metal. Nipple clamps? Nipple clamps! He wasn’t gentle. Without fuss he clamped my left nipple. Then the other. Damn, it hurt. I was used to it quite quickly, until the flogger connected with my skin again. He hit me on my breasts, causing the clamps to move, causing blood to flow into my nipples, causing it to hurt again. He pulled on the clamps, pulling me forward, flogging my backside.

I was ordered to stand up. He turned her towards him.

“Who owns you?”

“You do,” I answered.

“And what are you?”

“A slut,” I answered again.

“Spread your legs. Wide.”

The flogger hit my pussy, my ass. Over and over again. It hurt. It was nice. It hurt more. He stopped and rubbed my clitoris. I climaxed.

“Actually, you are not supposed to cum until I tell you to, but I will let you for now.”

I climaxed again. He pulled on the clamps, pulling me forward, but not moving his hand from my clitoris. Another climax. He led me to the bed and told me to sit down. I heard movement in front of me and then I felt something pressing against my lips. It was his cock – wet with his precum. My hands were still behind my back. I have never sucked him before without also using my hands. I opened my mouth to take his cock in. I sucked, tasting him. I moved my mouth up and down his hard shaft. His hand behind my head surprised me and what surprised me more was when he did something that he has never done before. He has always allowed me to control the depth. Now he pushed his cock deep into my mouth, holding his hand firmly behind my head so I could not pull away. I felt his cock in my throat. I thought I might gag, but I did not – I liked it. He fucked my mouth for a bit and then pulled out.

Pushing against my shoulders he let me lie on my back, my bound arms under me. His fingers entered my wet pussy. He fingered me, rubbed my clitoris, fingered me again and brought me to another climax. I heard some rumbling again… and then a soft hum. The fairy! Oh god, that thing is so intense. Even at the lowest speed, it can bring me to one climax after the other. But he did not have it at its lowest speed. He varied the speed. I could feel the fluids running from my pussy when I climaxed again. He stopped. Far too quickly to my liking, but I kept quiet.

I was ordered to play with myself. To bring myself to an orgasm. Or two. More. He stood next to the bed, watching me. My clitoris was very sensitive after the treatment with the fairy. I climaxed quite quickly. Again. And again. He watched me and I even thought that I saw a hint of a smile.

He pulled me up, using the ring on the collar. The blindfold came off. I kept my eyes closed, the light was too bright. He pulled his pants down again and offered me his cock. This time I wanted to control the depth, but he did not allow it. He pushed his cock deep into my mouth again, fucking my mouth. Suddenly he stopped, pulled his pants up and sat down in the armchair. I still stood next to the bed when he beckoned me to stand in front of him.

“Finger yourself.”

I touched my pussy and was surprised to feel how wet I was. My pussy felt thick and swollen and was soaking wet. I rubbed my clitoris, wanting to cum. He looked at me – almost with no emotion on his face. He looked at me in such a way that I wanted to kiss him. I bent forward…


I stood up again, still rubbing my clitoris. When I climaxed, I stopped.

“Go on.”

My hands moved back to my pussy, enjoying my own touch. I climaxed again.

He pulled the nipple clamps, pulling me closer to him. I winced. Even more so when he removed the first clamp. Then the second. The blood rushing back into my nipples hurt just as much as when he put the clamps on. If not more. He softly cupped my breasts His warm hands burnt against my nipples, which felt as if they were a bit bruised. I savored this moment of tenderness.

“Get on your knees.”

He fucked me from behind. The buttplug was still in place and as he pushed into my pussy, he hit the buttplug too. I rubbed my clitoris. He fucked me with long slow hard strokes.

“I want to spurt my cum deep into my slut. Where do you want it?”

“In my pussy.”


“In my pussy, please.”


When he took my collar off, we hugged. The love I felt for him at that moment made me feel humble. We are taking baby steps, exploring my submissive and his dominant side. Who knows where our boundaries lie? What I know now is that I love him more than I have ever loved any man in my life.

My Husband, my Lover, my Best Friend, my Owner. What more can I wish for?

© Rebel’s Notes

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