HNT4: Collared and clamped

We went upstairs. He was in the room, I was in the bathroom. When I returned, the collar and clamps were on the bed. My husband put the collar on my neck and said: when I return, the clamps will be on your nipples.

They were.

What followed was some harsh treatment. I stood in front of my husband. He pulled on the clamps, hurting me, making me wetter than I already was. He fingered me, brought me to one climax after the other. Yet again he fucked me with the buttplug, knowing that I like it. I was only allowed to take the nipple clamps off once I have brought myself to a climax, standing in front of him. It hurt even more when he took the clamps off.

I had my one foot on the bed, the other on the floor when he pulled on the collar, pulling me down to the bed. My face almost touched the bed, my ass was up in the air and I knew he could see my reflection in the mirror behind me. There is something so erotic, so sexy to it that I am so exposed to him. Climax after climax until I asked him to fuck me. He did, cumming before me. I used his cum to rub my clitoris and bring myself to a huge orgasm.

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