First Sub Step

They have been talking about it for some weeks now.

Is Rebel submissive? Does she want to be submissive? Would she like to be ordered? To wear a collar? To be cuffed? To be spanked? To be tied down? They have done some of this in the past, but only occasionally. Rebel had noticed that she longed for it when it did not happen for a longer period of time. She sometimes asked what her husband would do if she would be ‘naughty’, hoping that he would say that he was going to spank her. Or tie her up. Or put clamps on her nipples. As punishment.

Then Rebel stumbled across a blog of a submissive woman. She felt herself go wet when she read the words, the same way she goes wet when she watched bondage movies. To be at the mercy of a man – that was something that intrigued her. To have things done to her; to feel powerless. She has always suppressed the feelings of submissiveness, but talking about it with her husband made it surface.

Then came that one evening that they talked about it again. Or rather, they mailed about it (something they frequently do when they want to discuss things the kids should not hear). The conversation seemed more serious than before. Rebel elicited a response from her husband when she mailed him that she was wearing a shelf bra and that she was all day. He said “that’s the way it should be” and she said that next time she would wait for him to command her to wear it. The conversation turned to ‘commands’ and being commanded. Receiving instructions. Does Rebel want to be instructed? Yes! Does Rebel want to be submissive? Yes!

She was told that she might receive text messages with instructions. That she would have to send proof that she was following those instructions. Her husband said that he might ‘prepare’ her for the night when they go to bed. That he would decide what she would have to wear, or how she should wait for him. That he want her to wear her Histoire d’O collar much more frequently than she had up to now. They ‘talked’ about many things – all to do with submission – and her husband clearly asked her: do you want to be my submissive. Rebel answered: yes.

The words that followed caused a wave of excitement(?) / contentment(?) / horniness(?) surging through her body:
The submissive feeling in you has always been there. Now that you’ve admit it, it will not leave you again. It will give me immense pleasure to treat you that way and to continue to subject you to my will. Enslave you to obey me in everything.
I will have you tattooed and know that you will wear and show the tattoo with pride.

* * * * * * * * * *

When she returned to the bedroom after having prepared for the night, she was surprised to see her Histoire d’O collar on the pillow. She could barely suppress her giggles. She walked over to where he was sitting in the armchair. He stood up, pulled her closer and kissed her. Then he whispered in her ear:
We are each other’s peers in everything, except for sex. You will obey me and you will enjoy it, because this is what you want. I respect you for who you are. But I will make you my submissive. I love you.

Rebel’s knees went weak.

She was asked to offer him her neck. Rebel did. Her husband collared her. He left to go to the bathroom and when he came back, he went to sit in the armchair, watching her. Before he left the room she received another command: when I come back I want to see you insert the steel buttplug.

Rebel turned on her side, with her back to her husband. She was totally exposed to him under the bright light in the room. Slowly she inserted the buttplug, bit by bit, giving her ass enough time to adjust to the diameter of the plug. It felt heavy in her ass once it was in place. She waited. Her husband came to sit in front of her on the side of the bed. He softly stroked her shoulder, her arm, back to her shoulder, then down her back. Back to her shoulder, then down the front, cupping first one, then the other breast. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger – first the one, then the other. His hand moved back to her shoulder, down her back. He stroked her buttocks and then pushed against the buttplug. This sent shivers through Rebel’s body and even more so when he let he buttplug move back and pushing it back in again.

In and out. In and out. Rebel could feel her pussy going wet. She liked the sensations running through her body, caused by the movement of the buttplug. Then: hurt! Her husband pulled and twisted her nipple. Right. Left. Hurt! Orgasm! Wet! Finger on her clit. Finger in her pussy. Nipples pulled and twisted. This treatment continued – over and over her nipples were pinched. Her ass was fucked with the plug. And in between orgasms her husband grabbed the collar, pulled her upright and softly kissed her. When at last he stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy and kept the plug in one place, Rebel vigorously rubbed her clit. Her final orgasm was strong, long and overwhelming.

* * * * * * * * * *

She sat on top of her husband when he spurted his cum deep into her body, sending shivers of pleasure through her loins.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. You should celebrate step 10. Paint “sex driven submissive slut” on her tits and belly and whip her ass till she begs to be fucked in her mouth and swallows everything she receives in her throat..

  2. mmmmmmmmm interesting …… it would be even more interesting to find out if you will take instruction from others that your dom husband may designate???

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