First Assignment

Last week there were a couple of days at my work that I was very horny. Work definitely interfered with my sex life, I felt. But let me back up a couple of steps.

For months now I had the idea to exchange my normal bra for a quarter cup bra. Not only occasionally, but every day. I’ve bought a couple of shelf bra’s, but I just did not get to the point to act on my idea. Up to this week. Since Monday, I’ve been wearing shelf bra’s to my work. On the first day that I wore a tight fit top, I was so horny, because I thought everyone could see my sexy bra. Every time I went to the ladies’ room, I just had to look at my breasts. My nipples were almost constantly hard and I loved the look of it. I sent my husband an email, telling him this.

Okay, another explanation: I have a bit of a submissive side to me (actually a lot) and we are exploring this step-by-step. I want to explore it. Hubby told me that it will mean that I will be handled hard and also that I might get instructions from him that I will have to follow, will have to carry out without any discussion. I agreed.

My husband’s reply to my email was:
I want you to photograph or film yourself in your office the way you stood in the ladies’ room today. Thus, everything pushed up so your shelf bra and tits are clearly visible. In at least one photo you play with your nipples.

All I could think was: has he gone crazy? I have glass on three sides of my office – it’s like a fish bowl.

The next day I had an idea: I work on a laptop and there’s a webcam on it. Never used before. I started the cam… black screen. No matter what I did – black screen. I even downloaded the driver again – still, black screen. I had to have a plan B. I did.

On Friday I knew that there was a big chance that I will be alone in the building at the end of the working day. Except of course for the cleaner. And I was. The camera was already on my desk, ready to be used. I have even taken a mirror to my work, so I could see what is on the display before making a photo. Keeping an eye on the cleaner, I pulled my shirt up, made a picture, another, saw the cleaner, shirt down again!
Waited till the cleaner disappeared again, listened for doors closing or opening, pulled my shirt up again, down again, made pictures… I was a mess when I was done, but I had my photos.

I successfully completed my first assignment!

Would love to read your comments!

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9 thoughts on “First Assignment

  1. Wow very awesome start, can’t wait to read the rest of this journey interesting and damn sexy! 🙂

  2. I would teach you the hard way. No easy assignments. A submissive slut should be treated like one.

    Place you in de middle of a room. Firmly tight up. Then i would call some friends to come over.

    And you would enjoy it; because you want to please your master.

  3. wow …ok I amreally hard now ….only wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching as you took those pics …. and then slipped a finger between your lips to see how wet you got while taking them

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