Being owned

(written on Sunday, 23 January 2010, before any talks between my husband and me about wanting to explore my submissive side ~ Rebel)

She’s married. She has been for some years. She’s happy. Happier than she has ever been in her life. This is not her first marriage. She has seen the other side of the coin. She knows how bad it can be.

To Rebel, having a stable home situation is very important. This she has; this is part of what makes her happy to be in the marriage she is in. Rebel wants her man to support her, to support who she is. She wants him to respect her for who she is. She wants him to be responsible for her. Yes, she can make her own decisions, but she wants her man to agree with her decisions, or to go against it if he does not agree. He should not just give in and agree with her. She wants to be his equal.


On a sexual level it’s a total different story. Rebel wants the man to be the boss. She wants to feel wanted. She wants to feel owned. She wants her man to treat her as his property. As his most precious possession.

When her husband looks deep into her eyes, firmly grabs her tit and pinches her nipple, she goes instantly wet. When he pulls her close and kisses her ever so softly, it’s as if she can feel her pussy lips swelling. When he demands her to stand in front of him by only pointing to a spot in front of him, she complies, feeling happy. When he grabs a hand full of hair when fucking her from behind, she feels a shiver go through her body. When he firmly says “spread your legs”, she does. When he occasionally asks her to wear her buttplug, she sees it as an order and do it.

She loves it when he says “you’re mine” or “you’re MY wife”. The possessiveness of his voice, the determination with which he says it melts every fiber of her body.

She feels owned. She is owned. She is his property.

She wants to be.

And she likes it.

© Rebel’s Notes

2 thoughts on “Being owned

  1. @Marcus
    I know I am a very lucky woman… I treasure what I have with him… I'm his possession, his sub, his wife and his lover. And I want to be…
    ~ Rebel ~

  2. you are very lucky to have a partner, lover, friend , husband who understands your deepest needs and does what he needs to do to help you fulfill them. You need to treat that freedom with great care and use it well, for his pleasure and yours

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