A true story

From a dear friend and fan Rebel received the following true story. She’s honored to have been given permission to place this erotic happening on her blog.

About once a year I get to go on business to Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia and usually stay 2 to 3 weeks. The weather in that part of Australia is excellent and they have some lovely beaches. Queensland laws do not allow nudist beaches, however just on a hour’s drive away is Tyagara beach which is legally clothing optional because it is in the State of New South Wales. During my Australian trips, I usually go there every week-end. It is a huge beach (2 Km long) with lovely white sand and some interesting sand dunes covered in low vegetation. There are usually a couple of hundred people every week-end, all nude and all very social and friendly. Indeed I have made a couple of good friends there. Overt sexual activity is not normal on the beach but does occur in the relative privacy of some sand dunes. As this is commonly among gay men, it’s not really my scene.

Nevertheless on my second or third visit I arrived quite early and nabbed a nice spot on a dune close to the beach giving me a good view. (I was looking out for a couple I was meant to meet up with – honest!)

Do you know the saying about nudists? Those that do shouldn’t and those that should, don’t! This is not really true and I can attest to seeing plenty of attractive people, both male and female, on this beach! (I should concede that I’m probably one who shouldn’t…. I’m overweight and under-endowed.) But back to my story.

I was sat on my towel, overlooking the beach and watching for my friends when a middle-aged but attractive couple, still clothed and each carrying a large back-pack walked past me and further back into the dunes behind. I thought nothing of it and continued my perving of the beach. A little later, needing sunscreen, I aroused myself to turn and burrow in my beach bag… Did I say aroused? This couple had lay on their towel and were indulging in some very serious and erotic mutual pleasuring. On their backs, legs outstretched, she with her Southern leg casually draped over his Northern leg, they each had one hand languidly active at the other’s crotch. Sunscreen forgotten, i watched intently thinking I was safe because they both had their eyes closed in pleasure. Soon my own dick started to arise to the occasion and I found myself applying a palm full of sunscreen. It was at this stage that the male gave me a smile and a thumbs-up with his free hand; the other had lost two or three fingers inside his lady’s glistening pussy. He then gave a shudder and ejaculated in great spurting gobs. In spite of her mobility being impaired by the three fingers in her crotch, she reached out, found a box of tissues and tenderly passed them to him. He withdrew his hand and wiped himself carefully followed by a tender wiping of her cum-filled hand. They both smiled at me and she gestured for me to come closer.

Feeling somewhat silly with a dick smeared full of sun screen, I grabbed my towel and wiped hand and tool as best I could and sheepishly tottered the twenty or so paces over the sand to them. He stood and stuck out the hand that had so recently emerged from her lovely pubis: “Jeff,” he said. “And this is Sal. We like being watched, but I guess you realize that!” I mumbled something about being pleased to meet them. I was invited to sit down “In front of me, where you can get a decent view…” and they explained that they had always fantasized about being watched and decided to make it a reality. She set the rules for the rest of the day – I could look, I could discuss but I could not participate – did i mind? I responded explaining that I was not a voyeur but rather a scopophile – I liked to look! I was in heaven! He soon went for a swim, claiming the need to rejuvenate and I sat, playing with myself as she energetically masturbated. Curiously, just as he reappeared dripping wet over the top of the dune, she came in great wracking sobs! He then proceeded to give her a very erotic massage which again resulted in a juddering and quite vocal orgasm. It was later, as we shared our respective packed lunches that she asked: “I’ve come twice, he’s come once, but you are still playing… How do you do it?” I had to explain that I am on heart medicine that has the opposite effect to Viagra. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.. I explained that I rarely get fully hard and to ejaculate I need lengthy arousal “You poor bastard!” he said. They looked at each other and she said “We’ll have to see if we can help.”

After lunch the three of us had a swim where she pretended to be scared of the waves, pressing closely to either one of us, very often both! Incredible fun.

Back at the dunes, she gently teased him to attention with her lips and they indulged in what can only be described as an energetic and thoroughly uninhibited fuck. They explored various positions all the while cleverly avoiding any interference from the surrounding sand. Finally, he came deep inside her, both of them grunting in a most primal way. He then lay back, spent, and she turned to me. “Come here, little man,” she muttered and eagerly swallowed my willy. Surprised, I was only able to sit back and allow her to continue. Wow! She did things her mouth that sent waves of pleasure right through me. Within minutes I was coming, again and again, but still she held her head down with nose into my balls. One finger appeared at my anus and even more pleasure wracked through me. Finally, she pulled back. “Better now?” she asked. I was speechless. I mumbled thanks, saying I had not reacted like that since I was eighteen. Jeff interjected: “My girl’s always full of surprises!”

I asked to exchange phone numbers or email addresses and they refused.
“Fantasies should only be played through once,” she said. “Let’s treasure this.”

You damn right!

Thanks John for this lovely story!!!

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Oh Marie,

    This was a great story. It made me laugh, and I do hope it’s true. I had to look up the word scopophile. Lol, im glad the writer got to cum and more than once. Lol, still laughing.

    1. Haha I just accepted this is a true story indeed. Sadly I lost contact with this friend. Glad he could make you laugh 🙂

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