A public bench

(A true story)

Back in the early days of our relationship me and my husband met in the city center of one of the most known cities in the world. When we made the appointment it was decided that I would wear the bare minimum. Thinking of it, maybe the D/s exploring we are doing now, started way back then!
I chose to wear wide black pants and a black T-shirt, but no underwear.

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When we met at the parking lot, we kissed and hand in hand we walked to a bench that he spotted before I arrived. The bench was in a small park between two roads. The roads were about thirty meters apart from each other and on the other side of each road were apartment buildings. The benches were placed under the trees – two trees, then a bench, another two trees, then a bench again. The two roads ran towards the heart of the city center. From where we sat, we could see the busy intersection. We were seated on the second bench from the intersection and people were walking on the sidewalks behind and in front of us.

At first I sat next to him and we were talking about everything and nothing. He had his arm around my shoulders and every now and then he caressed one of my breasts. Soon I had my legs up on the bench. I leant against his chest with my back. I tilted my head back and we kissed. He slipped a hand under my T-shirt, lightly pinching a nipple. He moved his hand down. It disappeared in my pants and found my wet pussy. Shopping people passed by us and people in cars drove by. Any of these people could have seen what we were doing or if someone in one of the apartment buildings happened to look outside, they could have caught on to what me and my man were doing. I did not even think of this. I was totally lost in the feeling between my legs. I pulled my knees up and lightly spread my legs to give him better access.

He concentrated on rubbing my clitoris. We kissed as I had my first climax. He was not done yet. After stopping for only a moment he started rubbing my clitoris again. I climaxed several times before I sighed deep and sat up. I just had to stop him, because I wanted more and I knew that it was not going to be possible that afternoon. My pants were damp when we walked back to our cars and each of us went our separate ways. This was one of many sexy encounters in public and semi-public places, but one that I always think about when we are close to the spot where we sat that day.

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  1. It reminds me on the moment of my brthday when Miss Bonnie jerked me of in a public parc behind a stable…gives good memories too.

  2. This is such a sweet and sexy story. It reminds me of my early days with the man who would become my husband. We would often meet in public places like parks, and he would tell me what to wear – often something dangerously revealling! The thought of being watched always gave me a thrill.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, about it giving you a thrill 😉

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