The G-spot (2/3)

A week ago Rebel placed the first blog about the G-spot, telling more about what it is. This time she’s quoting a text on how to find the G-spot. Enjoy the practice session!!!

Finding The G-spot

Although it’s definitely possible to give a woman a G-spot orgasm on the first sexual encounter, you’ll find more success with someone that you have developed a high-trust relationship with.

What’s a high-trust relationship? She should feel safe, loved, and completely comfortable with you. If you have this kind of relationship, she won’t be worrying about what she looks like, smells like, or making a mess (G-spot orgasms may cause female ejaculation). She’ll be able to fully let go and G-spot orgasms will come much easier.

Have clean, well groomed hands and fingers
Make sure your hands are squeaky clean and your fingernails are clipped short. They’re going to be spending lots of time around her most sensitive parts.

Foreplay is a must
Unlike men, who can be ready to go at a moments notice, most women need a little bit of warm-up time to really get into the mood. In order for her to have a G-spot orgasm you’ll really have to spend time on foreplay.

Start with a sensual massage with lots of oil. This will relax her, and also helps to build intimacy. Massage her entire body for at least 20 minutes. Try to stay away from her hot spots (breasts and butt are fine).

She should be getting turned on by now. Amp it up by deep kissing, nibbling her kneck, or whatever she really enjoys. Go ahead and stimulate her clitoris until she’s bucking her hips and begging for you inside of her.

Get in position
Once she’s hot, bothered, and begging shamelessly, you can finally stop teasing and start giving her what she came for.

First, find a comfortable position for both of you. Her lying on her back with her knees bent usually works quite well. You can kneel in between or knees, or sit on either side of her. Make sure you are both comfortable because you’re going to be here for a while.

Come here, baby
With your palm up, insert a finger (or two) a couple of inches into the vagina or to about the second knuckle. Slightly crook them towards you, making a “come here” motion.

You should feel a spot on the front wall of her vagina that is rougher or more ridged than the surrounding area. If you can’t really tell for sure, don’t worry about it too much. The G-spot will grow in size as you stimulate the area.

Keep your “come here” motion gentle at first, and slowly increase the pressure as the G-spot becomes larger. When you find the pressure that she responds the best too, keep it constant

Some women may feel a slight urge to urinate during this stimulation. This should soon give way to an intensifying pleasure that will replace any discomfort.

The running man
While you are experimenting with pressure and motion, you may want to try “the running man”. It’s almost the same as the “come here” motion except instead of moving both fingers together you move them separately. If you did this in the air in front of you it would look like you were making a running motion with your fingers.
This essentially doubles the speed of the stimulation and some women really enjoy it.

More, more, harder…
If you’re using the previous two techniques, it can be hard to keep up a firm pressure for the amount of time it may take her to have a G-spot orgasm. If she likes it really firm and your wrist muscles are about to give out try the technique below.

Put your two middle fingers together and bend them forward like you are going to do the “rockin out” sign. Instead of bringing your thumb in, leave it pointed outwards. Now insert just those two fingers inside her and leave the others pointing down. This will allow you to use your whole arm to help move your fingers, all while keeping them perfectly straight up and down on the G-spot.

G-spot orgasm
It may take up to a half an hour of stimulation for her to have a G-spot orgasm, but don’t worry, it’s worth every second.

When she has a G-spot orgasm, you’ll know. Her vagina will contract violently, so violently, in fact, that it may feel like she’s trying to push your fingers out. G-spot orgasms are also accompanied by uncontrollable panting or moaning and sometimes even female ejaculation.

Clitoral stimulation can produce multiple orgasms, but they are more common with G-spot stimulation. If she still wants more after the first one, continued stimulation may lead to a second, third, or even a tenth orgasm.

Multiples or not, many women swear that G-spot orgasms are one of the most satisfying, fulfilling experiences in their entire lives.

G-spot toys
Toys are a great way to enhance your G-spot experience. They don’t get tired like wrists and fingers, and some are made to give off extremely pleasant vibrations. Many are perfectly curved in order to make finding the G-spot easier.

If you and your partner are having some difficulty in finding her G-spot, a toy may be just what you need.

Reactions may vary
It’s important to reiterate that some women dislike G-spot stimulation altogether. While you want to gently try to work through any initial discomfort, it’s not a good idea to push the issue if she’s not enjoying herself at all. There are plenty of other fun things you can do besides G-spot stimulation.

Also keep in mind that sexual exploration is about the journey, not the destination. Becoming fixated on a certain goal is a sure way to put unnecessary pressure on both of you.

So, just relax and have fun experimenting. Watch her reactions closely, give her more of what she enjoys, and enjoy the journey!


Come here, baby! Let’s do it… come here, come here!


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