The Fairy Mini Vib

One of the items they bought on their first big shopping adventure in December was the Fairy Mini Vib. Many times before Rebel has seen this toy in bondage movies. She’s seen women in the movies go crazy when the vib was held to their clitorises. She thought that the women went crazy because of the combination of the vib and being bound.


Then, on the day they received the box with new toys, her husband decided that the first thing they were going to try out is the Fairy Mini Vib. The Fairy Mini Vibrator has super powerful vibrations and gradual multi speed control and the smaller body makes it easy to operate. It has a knob with which you can gradually increase the vibrations. The Fairy is the strongest vibrator available, according to the website where Rebel’s husband has ordered it. Since the vibrator works on power, it never loses the strength of its vibrations no matter how long you play with it. It’s advised to always start on the lowest vibration speed, as you might otherwise not know what has hit you.

So, as said, Rebel’s husband wanted to try this out on Rebel. Rebel did not mind at all. She was excited and horny and wanted to have an intense orgasm. With her legs spread wide, she watched as her husband put the plug in the socket of the extension cord. Her pussy was wet, as she had cum several times while her husband was licking and fingering her. Now they were going to take it to the next level. When her husband switched the Fairy Mini Vib on she was surprised that it did not make that much noise. Her husband had it at the lowest speed when he put it against Rebel’s clitoris. Hmmmm, she immediately loved the feeling. A warmth spread through her tummy and thighs.

The vibrations were strong enough to make Rebel have another orgasm, but not strong enough to make her go totally over the edge. Her husband noticed this, but did not turn the speed up just yet. He liked teasing her, pleasing her. Rebel spread her legs even more to feel every movement of the smooth vibrator on her wet pussy and clitoris. She had another orgasm, making her pussy even wetter than it already was. Then her husband turned the speed up a bit. Rebel grabbed the duvet under her. The feeling between her legs were driving her crazy. Within seconds an intense orgasm overwhelmed her. Quickly her husband put the vibrator to the highest speed, but Rebel moved away from the vibrations. It was just too much too take.

The Fairy Mini Vib is here to stay and will definitely be used more frequently than any other vibrator Rebel owns. And who knows what kind of games she will play with this toy! Suggestions?

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