When they went to bed, they were both tired. But not only tired. They were lightly horny too. Neither of them knew which feeling was the strongest. Actually, after quite some subsequent late nights all Rebel wanted to do was to go to sleep.

She was already in bed when her husband lay down next to her. While waiting for him to come to bed Rebel realized that her pussy was wet. She was still not planning anything else than to go to sleep, but she did mention her wet pussy to her husband. All he said was “oh?” as he looked at her.
“You can feel if you want to,” she said, “but only feel. Nothing more, because I’m tired.”
“I’ll do nothing else but to feel,” her husband promised as he slipped his hand in her pajama pants. He quickly found her clitoris and lazily started to rub it. It happened before that Rebel fell asleep when he did this and she fully expected herself to fall asleep now. She actually closed her eyes, ready to doze off. However, she underestimated her own horniness.

She pulled her legs up to give her husband more access to her pussy. He slipped a finger in her, felt her wetness and with his wet finger he continued to rub her clitoris. Rebel was now fully awake. She wanted to enjoy this feeling for some time more, so she kept still. Not for long. She put her hand on her husband’s cock and felt the hardness in his underwear. Her hand stayed in place, moving up and down, rubbing, squeezing lightly. Quickly she pulled her pajama pants down, leaving it around her ankles. Now her husband could move his hand freely. He did and she came. Rebel suddenly had the urge to be fucked. She told her husband to take his underwear off and then she turned half on her side, half on her back. She guided him into her and told him not to stop rubbing her clitoris.

Rebel took over. With two fingers she circled her clitoris, feeling an urge in her to come, but she did not. Was it because she was tired? She wanted to be fucked so badly, but she was tired. Was this interfering with her performance? Her husband moved in and out of her, she rubbed her clitoris. Rebel wanted to come. Then suddenly her husband pulled out of her and with two fingers he entered her asshole. The change of feeling happened so suddenly that Rebel at first did not know what she felt. But it did not take long. Still stimulating her clitoris, she totally surrendered to the feeling of being filled by her husband’s fingers. Rebel’s tiredness was totally forgotten. Soon she felt that familiar feeling of a massive orgasm that was about to flood every fiber in her body. And when the orgasm hit, it lasted even longer than it normally does.

Rebel had no time at all to ‘recover’. The moment her orgasm was over her husband was on top of her. He entered her and pounded away. The highly sensitive feeling in Rebel’s pussy was too much. She climaxed again. And again. And then her husband came. She felt the movements of his penis as his cum spurt into her. The held each other for some time afterwards before they went to sleep, half an hour after they went to bed.

© Rebel’s Notes

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