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They were both working. As usual, they sent each other one-liner emails throughout the day. It was like chatting, but then slower. Today their conversation had an underlying sexual tone. It frequently had, but today was different. Both of them felt the sexual tension and both of them had trouble concentrating on the separate tasks they had to complete.

Their emails were coded to a degree. Since they knew that spam filters will caught onto sexual words, they tend to use one or two letters of a word to expressed how they feel, such as ‘h’ for horny, ‘f’ for fuck, ‘p’ for pussy and ‘d’ for dick. Anyone who would happen to read their emails would easily catch on to the meaning of the message, but spam filters just were not that clever!

He: I’m h.

She: Me too.

He: Can’t hold till tonight. Want your p.

She: Can’t hold either. What can we do about it? Want to feel your d.

He: Go somewhere and f?

She: Where?

It was quiet for quite some time from his side and she gathered that something must have come up at his work that needed his attention. After all, they were working and that should be first priority.

He: Your lunch hour starts in half an hour right? Meet me at the Restaurant X on the highway. No questions, just do it!

She: Okay, I will be there.

She got no answer from him and knew that he must have left his work right after hitting the send button, as it would take him about half an hour to get to the restaurant he mentioned. It was only a five minute drive for her. When she reached the parking area in front of the restaurant she immediately spotted his car. He was in it. She locked her car and got into his on the passenger side. They kissed and without saying a word, he drove off. Five minutes later they reached their destination. He had driven into a rural area next to a river. There was a small parking where people normally park when they were going fishing. There were no other cars, but that did not mean that there were no fishermen at the river. From the parking area one could not see the river, as a line of trees ran between the river and the parking area.

They got out of the car. He grabbed her hand and started to follow the footpath that led to the river about 100 meters away. Halfway there he deviated from the footpath. About twenty meters from the footpath, just out of sight of whoever might walk there, he turned around and kissed her. They have still not spoken. His mouth stayed on hers while he grabbed her breasts with both hands. There was urgency in his touch as his hands went down to her buttocks. He grabbed her skirt and ruffled the material in his hand until her reached her panties. He swung her around and jerked her panties down. When she wanted to say something, he covered her mouth with one hand, while pushing her against a fallen tree trunk. Her skirt fell down in place with her panties still round her knees.

With his hand still covering her mouth and his elbow pinning her down on the tree trunk, he undid his pants with his other hand and dropped them to his knees. His cock was hard and ready. He pulled her skirt up again and pushed her panties down with his knee. He grabbed her left leg and pulled it up. With one smooth movement he slammed his cock deep into her pussy, feeling her wetness and knowing that she was ready for him. He fucked her hard, pushing the full length of his cock into her pussy. He moved his hand covering her mouth to her back, between her shoulders. She was pinned on the tree trunk, unable to move, but enjoying the hard treatment.

Her heavy breathing told him that she would soon climax. His own moment of glory was very close too. He wanted her to come with him and he knew just how to make it happen. He still pinned her to the tree. He used the thumb and forefinger of his other hand to spread her buttocks. She gasped. He saw her rosebud, which was begging him to be touched. He pressed his thumb against it. He did not enter her. She loved being touched like that. The pressure of his thumb, the wanting she felt for him to push in, the relentless hammering of his cock in her pussy – it sent her over the edge. The contractions of her pussy as she climaxed seemed to milk him as he felt his semen spurting deep into her.

When she wanted to get out of his car half an hour after she got in for the first time, he kissed her and said: “That was foreplay for tonight. See you at home, sweet wife of mine!”

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