Nature sex

Way back in another country, almost in another life, Rebel frequently went on hiking trips. Back then she was involved in a relationship with a man four years her junior. He was in his early twenties; she was just on the downhill to thirty. Their relationship was based on trust and fun. And part of their fun was their hiking trips. They normally hooked up with a like-minded married couple, who were both roundabout Rebel’s age.

On a hot Saturday afternoon the four of them were hiking through some mountains and roundabout lunch time they decided to rest and have something to eat. They sat down on a big rock that overlooked the valley down below. Baboons down in the valley and big old bread trees gave the spot a special sphere. When they were done eating the other couple wanted to hike on, but Rebel and her young friend wanted to enjoy the sun for a while. The couples agreed that they would each go their own way and to meet each other at the next overnight spot. Rebel and her boyfriend stayed behind when the other couple left. They decided to find a spot where the sun would be shining a bit longer than where they were sitting at that moment. Shadows were already creeping closer to them. With their stuff packed in their backpacks they started walking along the trial again.

Ten minutes later they rounded a corner. To their right were two giant rocks and behind it was a big flat rock, hanging over the edge of the mountain and bathing in the full glory of the sun. They squeezed pass the rocks, got their towels out from their backpacks and spread it out on the rock. They lay down on the towels, side by side. The sun heated their bodies up, but the sun also heated Rebel up. She loved the sun’s effect on her: it makes her horny. She turned to her boyfriend and ran her hand over his body, down to his crotch. She lightly squeezed his penis through his hiking shorts and felt him getting hard very quickly. He still had his eyes closed and just enjoyed the feeling. Rebel kissed his lips and sat up. Within moments she was naked.

She lay back on the towel and let the sun’s rays heat her up even more. Rebel spread her legs, wanting the sun to reach as deep as possible. The more the sun heated her body, the hornier she got. Next to her she heard her boyfriend move and she just knew that he was watching her. This was confirmed when Rebel felt him touching her hard nipples. Oh she wanted to come so badly and she could not care if anyone would see them. She knew that if someone would pass on the hiking trial just on the other side of the big rocks, they might just see the couple having sex. Her boyfriend slowly moved his hand down to Rebel’s pussy, wanting to rub her clitoris
and make her cum. Rebel had an urgency in her – she did not want to have slow sex at all. She wanted him to fuck her.

Her movements when she put her hand in his hiking shorts and grabbed his hard cock gave away the urgency she felt. He, being a young man and always in the mood for sex, did not mind her urgency at all. Quickly he dropped his shorts to his knees, grabbed her nearest shoulder and rolled her over so he was facing her back. Not too gently he grabbed her leg and pulled it up in the air. In one smooth movement he entered her pussy from behind. Their movements were quick and hard. He banged into her and Rebel pushed back to meet his thrusts. The sun added to the hotness they felt. Fucking in nature added to the horniness they felt. He fucked her hard. Rebel gladly received the banging in her pussy, enjoying the rawness of their sexual coupling.

There on the flat rock in the burning sun they both had a releasing orgasm.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. I think you’ll find if you put your hand down our hiking shorts and grabbed our cocks a fair few of us older guys would be in the mood for sex too ha ha?
    Love from Howie

  2. mmmmmm with the sun on your skin and the cool breeze teasing your nipples the sex outdoors must be awesome. And I have to agree with Xerxes it would be fantastic if someone were watching, especially if that someone were me …..

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