More hands

(A fantasy)

At last they did what they wanted to do for years: they went to the sex show that comes to town twice a year. Rebel was dressed in a short skirt, a low cut top, stockings, high heels and no underwear at all. The wandered around between the stands for some time, before heading over to the bar. There they had a relaxed drink before they moved on to the labyrinth. This was what they came for!

Except for the corridors in the labyrinth – where erotic things such as strange hands touching you could happen – there were relax areas, each with its own theme. You could choose to go to the voyeur room, where you could watch other couples making out. Then there were the dark corners with love seats where couples could sit down and ‘relax’. It was to one of these dark corners that Rebel and her husband were heading. They were happy to find an empty love seat to the back of the dark room. Here they lay down next to each other.

They tried to get their eyes to get used to the dark so they could see some of the couples on the other love seats in the room. They could barely make out the outlines of the couples. It was really dark in there! Rebel’s husband pulled her close to him and they started kissing. Soon he was stroking her back, her ass, stomach and he fondled her breasts. Her short skirt has moved up a bit and if there was enough light and anyone was looking, they would have been able to see her ass. Her husband pushed her top up to expose her breasts. He rolled Rebel on her back and started to suck on her nipples, alternating from left to right.

Rebel’s eyes were closed, enjoying what her husband was doing to her. She did not see the two men standing next to the love seat, watching them, but her husband did. He nodded at them and at the same time he rolled over on his back, pulling Rebel with him. She was now straddling him while they kissed. Her ass and pussy was clearly visible to the two men standing so close to them, but Rebel had no notion of this. As her husband saw that one of the men moved closer, he whispered in Rebel’s ear “relax”. At the same time he put his arms around her shoulders, pinning her arms to the side of her body. He covered her mouth with his just as one of the men put a hand on her bare ass.

Rebel was alarmed. She wanted to pull away from her husband, but he held her tight. Then she felt another hand on her other ass cheek. What was happening? Between his kisses her husband kept on whispering “relax”. He did not let go of his grip until he felt some tenseness leaving her body. Then he whispered “enjoy, my love” and slowly he let go of her arms. In the meantime both hands on her ass cheeks were stroking down her leg and then up again on the outside of her thigh, then down again and up on the inside of her thigh, just not touching her pussy lips. Rebel felt herself get wetter than she already was.

Rebel’s husband rolled her over on her back and quickly removed his pants. He stood on his knees next to her face, offering her his cock. Rebel gladly accepted and started to suck him. One of the two men who were stroking her sat down between her legs and started kissing the insides of her thighs. The other kneeled on her other side and started sucking her nipples. Another man joined and took over one of the nipples from the second man. Rebel was amazed. She never knew it could feel so good!

As her husband pulls his cock out of her mouth, he switched places with one of the other men. Rebel now had another cock in her mouth. It tasted different than that of her husband, but she quickly got used to it. She was getting more and more excited by the moment. The last bit of shyness quickly was replaced by raw horniness. She totally surrendered to the men around her, trying to feel every touch on her body. She felt her first orgasm coming closer as one of the men vigorously licked her clit. Just as the man next to her pulled his hard member out of her mouth, she exploded in wetness.

Her first orgasm was a fact and when Rebel has had one orgasm, she wants more. Her mouth was not empty for long. Just as she had yet another strange cock in her mouth she felt a cock enter her pussy. Alarmed she looked down and in the dark she could just make out her husband between her legs. He slowly pushed in and out of her while one of the other men rubbed her clitoris. On each side of her she had a man sucking a nipple and she had a cock in her mouth. As if that was not enough someone grabbed her hand and put it on a hard cock close to her. How many men were busy with her? Rebel did not know and she did not care as she felt another orgasm taking possession of her body.

Next thing Rebel knew she was rolled over on her stomach. Her legs was spread wide and from somewhere someone had grabbed a pillow, which was now pushed under her. Her ass was up in the air. Her legs were spread wide. Her ass and her pussy were easy accessible to all the men around her. One of the men lay down in front of her. His body formed a T with hers – his cock right in front of her face. Unceremoniously he shoved his cock in her mouth. He had his hand behind her head and he was actually fucking her mouth. Behind her Rebel felt hands on her pussy, fingers in her pussy and she felt her buttocks being pulled apart.

She gasped when she felt a tongue touching her asshole. She loved this erotic feeling and from the way she was licked she knew that it was her husband. He was definitely preparing her for anal sex. As he licked her ass, she felt another hand moving in under her. Someone was playing with her clit and pushing fingers in and out of her pussy. Another orgasm. And another. Rebel loved what was happening to her and she wanted even more. She wanted a grand finale, but she also wanted this to last forever. Someone – now she was not sure anymore whether it was her husband or one of the other men – pushed a finger in her ass. It slowly moved in and out, in and out. As she got used to the one finger, another one was added. Pushing in and out again, stretching her asshole.

Yet again Rebel was turned over with lighting speed. Four men picked her up in the air and her husband moved in under her. She was lowered on him, her legs held wide. In a half upright position, her legs wide, she was slowly lowered over his cock. Rebel felt her husband slowly entering her ass. Her pussy was very wet and she needed it filled. She now needed everything filled. She wanted it all. Her husband’s cock was in her ass up to his balls. Her legs were still held wide by one of the men, standing between her legs. The man that she was sucking when she was turned over straddled her and her husband and pushed his cock into her mouth again. Yet again he started to fuck her mouth.

Suddenly her pussy was filled by a hard cock. Oh god, this was something Rebel dreamt of for so long – a double penetration. She felt her excitement reach heights she had never been before, but at the same time she was afraid that it might hurt too much. Her husband must have noticed her body getting tense again, as he whispered ‘just relax sweetie and enjoy it’. Rebel surrendered to the feelings. She did not know where to concentrate. She did not know which feeling she liked the most. The cock fucking her ass? The cock fucking her pussy? The cock fucking her mouth. Or the two cocks she had in her hands? She did not have time to think of this as the man fucking her mouth started to come. She heard him grunt as he spurted in her mouth. She swallowed.

Rebel just had enough time to catch her breath before the one cock in her mouth was replaced by another. Would she be able to swallow more? Oh yes, she would! And she did. As she did she felt some warm fluid over her body as both the cocks in her hands started to unload their white stuff. With four men satisfied, Rebel now wanted nothing more than to be fucked. She pushed the man fucking her pussy away, got up, pulled her husband up with her, grabbed the man she just pushed away and almost threw him on the love seat. Then she straddled him. She did not have to tell her husband what he had to do. With the other man’s cock in her pussy and her husband’s cock in her ass Rebel was in seventh heaven. She had just enough room to rub her own clitoris. The two cocks inside her were hammering away. The little hurting she felt excited Rebel even more.

The man inside her pussy started to come first. Just as he was almost finished, Rebel’s husband started to come in her ass. The contractions of his cock inside her and Rebel rubbing her clitoris sent Rebel over the edge. She felt a powerful orgasm erupting deep inside her. She thought that her orgasm would never stop again.

Afterwards, as she lay spent on her stomach on the love seat, with her head on her husband’s lap, five men softly stroke her body.

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. mmmmmmm once again the rebel has tapped into a really fantastic fantasy, and if it ever is to become a reality and you need some extra hands … pick me, pick me !!!!

  2. I think this could become a fullfilled fantasy before the end of this year.

    I am looking forward to the story in which you tell us about the real thing when it happened.

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