Losing her anal virginity

About 15 years ago Rebel lost her anal virginity. Back then she knew about it, but she had never engaged in anal sex. She was curious and had quite some fantasies about it, but she had never ever told anyone about it. Not even the guy with which she was involved with back then.

One evening they went out to friends of them. What Rebel did not know was that she was given some space cake (she was only told the next day). She only had two slices and she did not notice anything strange when eating it. She was just too “innocent” to notice anyway! Back home they went to bed. Both were in a horny mood, so soon they were touching, kissing, licking. Rebel was very aroused and wanted more and more. Actually, all she wanted was to be fucked and to be fucked hard. She changed their positions so she was on top of him and guided his penis into her wet pussy. He put his hands on her hips, keeping her at some distance from his cock so he could move in and out of her at high speed. Unlike Rebel, she had the feeling that she was going to have an orgasm, but it just did not happen.

After a while the guy turned her over on her back in one smooth movement. He was now on top of her and slammed his cock into her. This excited Rebel even more. She wanted to be fucked hard and he was definitely doing exactly what she asked. Another thing Rebel really loved was when her legs were up in the air during sex. He knew it. First he had her support her legs on his shoulders, but then he grabbed her ankles and lifted her off the bed while skillfully moving a pillow under her buttocks. Yet again he held her ankles, supporting himself as he stood on his knees and continued moving in and out of her.

When his penis slipped out, Rebel moved her buttocks to better position herself and waited for him to enter her again. But then she felt his penis pressing against her asshole. She looked at him with light panic in her eyes. He smiled at her as if to soothe her, but she still felt panic. When he pressed his cock harder against her asshole, she tried to squirm away. He grabbed her hips, positioned it on the center of the pillow again. Then he placed his hands on Rebel’s thighs, pushing her legs down. Her knees were now almost on her shoulders. All of this happened very quickly. Yet again his cock pushed against her opening.

He asked her to relax, but Rebel did not know how. She had mixed feelings – part of her was afraid of what was coming, part of her was curious. And deep down she was so horny that she did not even want to stop him. What she did not know was that it must have been the effect that the weed that was in the space cake must have had on her. Years later Rebel still did not know whether it was the weed (she never wanted to try it again) or the deep longing to explore one of her secret fantasies that made her keep still while the cock pressed harder and harder to enter her body where she had never been entered before.

Slowly his hard cock started to enter her asshole. It hurt and she tensed up. He stopped moving and yet again asked her to relax. Rebel took a deep breath and tried to relax her muscles. She felt him move in deeper and tensed up again. Again he stopped, but did not pull back. Again he asked her to relax. It took a while longer, but eventually Rebel’s muscles relaxed again. He pushed forward a bit more, only to stop again as Rebel gasped. It hurt. She did not know whether she wanted him to continue. He waited, again asking her to relax. Just as Rebel’s muscles were relaxed again, he pushed the rest of his cock in her in one quick movement. Rebel was on fire and asked him to stop. He looked at her, telling her to relax and keeping his cock in as deep as it was.

When Rebel’s muscles relaxed again, he pulled back just a bit and then pushed inside her again. The first couple of pushes hurt, but then Rebel started to enjoy. This was a feeling she did not know at all, but she liked it. The more he pushed in her, the more she wanted. He did not have to keep her legs wide anymore. Rebel held onto her legs, offering her ass to him, wanting him to take it all. She still felt some hurt, but gave no attention to it at all. Deep inside her an unfamiliar feeling was taking hold of her. She thought about touching her pussy, but did not, as she wanted to feel everything that was happening to her. He pushed in and out of her, faster. Harder. She wanted to be fucked hard. She was!

Then something amazing happened. Rebel had an orgasm. She was fucked in her ass and without having her pussy touched, she climaxed. Rebel actually looked at her pussy in amazement. She did not know that this was possible. The last waves of her huge orgasm was almost over when she felt him spurting his cum in her.

She could hardly walk the next day, but one thing was certain: after that evening, Rebel was even more fascinated by anal sex than before!

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  1. I am absolutely sure that you're the kind of woman who acts like a sexdriven slut and wants to have both her holes filled to come over and over again. I won't mind to fuck you hard in your ass and make you beg for more.

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