Jewel Butt Plug

On a horny Sunday afternoon Rebel decided that it was time to try out her new butt plug. They have bought this jewel butt plug during their sex shopping spree in December 2010. Rebel has also blogged about this butt plug in the same month.

After dinner on Sunday Rebel went upstairs to change into something more relaxing. In her bedroom she got the butt plug out and weighed it in her hand. It was quite heavy, but most of all, it was big. The diameter of the widest part is 4 centimeters. Rebel wondered whether she would be able to even get it inside her. She was horny and she was definitely going to try it. First she put some lubrication on her ass to make sure that insertion will be a bit easier. Then she put the tip of the butt plug against her opening and pushed. The first bit went easy, but as she tried to get the wider part in, she realized it was not going to be easy. She worked the butt plug forward and backwards to allow her anus to get used to the intrusion. Rebel decided to sit down and allow the butt plug to slip into her. Moving up and down she felt the plug going in a bit further with each push. It hurt a little bit, but she pushed on. Even though she knew it would eventually happen, Rebel was still surprised when the butt plug suddenly slipped into her entirely. She pushed on the jewel on the back of the plug to make sure that it was positioned comfortably and then she went downstairs.

Standing next to her husband he put his hand on her ass and felt the tip of the butt plug. Of course he just had to push against it a couple of times. Rebel sat down on the couch and as the evening progressed, she felt her pussy literally dripping with horniness. The plug was quite comfortable inside her – more comfortable than the ‘normal’ butt plug she has used in the past.

Rebel was happy when at last they went upstairs. They had a photo session planned and Rebel being as horny as she was put on stockings, a short dress and very high heels. Make up completed the picture as she waited for her husband to enter the room. The photo session started with her sitting in the chair and ended with her on bed, legs wide and butt plug clearly visible. By then Rebel was even hornier. She almost begged her man to let her come. He concentrated on moving the butt plug around in her ass as Rebel rubbed her clitoris hard. A heavy orgasm rushed through her body. She felt satisfied, except for one thing. She wanted to be fucked, but before it, she wanted to remove the butt plug. For a moment she panicked as she thought she might not get it out, but when she changed the position she was laying in and relaxed, it came out easy.

The butt plug is a keeper. Rebel will definitely use it more and prefers this butt plug to the other, jelly-like one she has. Rebel even ordered a smaller steel butt plug to keep in her handbag. Whenever she’s in a horny mood, be it at her work or when she’s shopping, she will always have a butt plug with her to use if she wants too…

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Ah, that's what I get for stating with the old posts, you went ahead and bought one 🙂 Glad you are enjoying it. Pushing it in just that little bit more when it is fully inserted certainly hits the spot usually!

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