Ignoring Boundaries

A normal Saturday evening.

Two normal couples enjoying each other’s company.

The women were best friends. They discussed everything from clothing to kids to shopping… and yes, sex! One of them was bi-curious; the other had several bisexual experiences in the past. The husbands of these two women have seen each other on several occasions. They were not friends, but did enjoy each other’s company. The husband of the bi-curious woman was much less experimental about sex than the husband of the bisexual woman. His wife, on the contrary, would love him to be more open about it and to be more willing to try things outside of the boundaries of their sex life. Sex was not something that he discussed with anyone other than his wife.

Each of them had a glass of wine. Several subjects were discussed. Sometimes the four of them talked; sometimes the two men were having one conversation, while the women had another. Both the men were amateur photographers, be it of different subjects. The male conversation inevitably came to photography. Mr. Bisexual-Wife got up to get his camera. When he came back, Bi-Curious-Wife got up so Mr. Bisexual-Wife could sit down next to Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife. The two women now sat on the other couch, next to each other. The men were discussing the camera and the different functions on it. Mr. Bisexual-Wife wanted to demonstrate some of the functions on the camera. He aimed the lens in the direction of the two women and made a photo. The light of the flash caught them off guard. Their conversation continued, but now Bisexual-Wife kept an eye on the men. Just as her husband directed the camera lens in their direction again, she grabbed the top of her shirt, pulled it down and flashed her bra-covered tits at him. Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife looked at her with big eyes.

Both women were a bit tipsy, which gave them the courage to step over their own boundaries. Bi-Curious-Wife knew about her husband’s inhibitions and she was a bit wary to act on her own sexual wanting. Bisexual-Wife has never done anything like this with ‘public’ around, but she has certainly been fantasizing about it. Bi-Curious-Wife started to unbutton her blouse. The more buttons she undid, the bigger her husband’s eyes got. He said nothing. Apparently tipsiness on his side caused him to ignore his narrow boundaries. Just as Bi-Curious-Wife dropped the blouse off her shoulders, Bisexual Wife pulled her top over her head. The women threw the pieces of clothing aside. Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife was still quiet, just watching the scene in front of him. Mr. Bisexual-Wife had his full attention with the ladies. One photo after the other was made. The scene in front of him was something he had dreamt of quite often.

Bi-Curious-Wife looked at her husband once more. She could see the interest in his eyes and somehow gathered that he would not try to stop her. She turned to her friend. Bisexual-Wife understood the hint. She bent forward and softly kissed her friend on her lips. Another kiss. And another. Bisexual-Wife traced the outside of Bi-Curious-Wife’s lips with her tongue. Her friend’s lips parted. Softly the two women started to explore each other’s lips and mouths. They have never been like this before, but it felt safe. Their kisses became more intense. Be it the wine or be it that they might have been wanting to do this for so long – both women were excited. Sexually excited. Bisexual-Wife slipped her hands around her friend and unclipped her bra. She pulled the bra off her friends arms and dropped it to the floor. They did not stop kissing as Bi-Curious-Wife dropped her friend’s bra next to hers.

Bisexual-Wife stopped kissing her friend, looked her in the eyes and then turned her attention to the breasts of her friend. Neither of the women was now paying any attention to the men on the other couch. Neither of the women even noticed the camera still clicking. Neither of the women saw the fascination with which Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife was watching scene in front of him. The women only focused on each other. Bisexual-Wife kissed both her friend’s nipples and then softly started to suck her right nipple. Shortly after the left nipple received the same attention. Alternating between the breasts in front of her, Bisexual-Wife made sure that her friend’s nipples stayed hard. She knew that her friend liked it a bit harder, so she sucked harder and sometimes even bit her friend’s nipples. Bi-Curious-Wife’s breathing clearly indicated that she enjoyed the treatment.

Bisexual-Wife did not want to stop now she has started. She slipped off the couch and stood on her knees in front of her friend. Pushing, Bisexual-Wife got her friend to part her legs. She moved in between her legs so she could not close them again. Bisexual-Wife’s mouth was back on her friend’s nipples. Her hands were on her friend’s thighs, moving up and down, just not touching her crotch. She kissed her way down to her friend’s belly button and her hands moved to the button of Bi-Curious-Wife’s pants. The pants were unbuttoned. The zipper was pulled down. Bisexual-Wife pulled on the pants. Her friend lifted her bum off the couch, clearly willing to be undressed. Not wanting her friend to have second thoughts later, Bisexual-Wife removed Bi-Curious-Wife’s pants and panties in one smooth movement. Bi-Curious-Wife was naked.

Bisexual-Wife yet again returned her attention to her friend’s nipples. She sucked hard, she bit softly, she pinched. Her friend was breathing with difficulty. She was obviously very aroused. Slowly Bisexual-Wife kissed her way down to her friend’s belly button, then on to her crotch. She kissed the top of her friend’s slit, then her right thigh, her slit again, her left thigh, her slit again, her pussy lips. Suddenly Bisexual-Wife felt someone behind her. She quickly looked and saw her husband standing behind her. Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife was now making the photo’s. Mr. Bisexual-Wife put his arms around his wife and undid her pants. She still had her mouth on the pussy of Bi-Curious-Wife when she half stood for her husband to pull her pants down. She was not wearing any panties. Bisexual-Wife turned all her attention back to her friend’s pussy as she kneeled again. With her tongue she parted her friend’s pussy lips and tasted the first hint of her friend’s sweetness. She pulled Bi-Curious-Wife’s bum a bit closer to the edge of the couch and pushed on the inside of her thighs. Directly in front of her the pussy of her friend opened up. She licked from the top to the bottom, then back up again, tasting the horny juices. While Bisexual-Wife licked the wet pussy of her friend, her husband had his hands on her clitoris. Bisexual-Wife sucked her friend’s clitoris between her lips and circled her tongue around the hard knob. Her own excitement was heightening. Her pussy was dripping wet. She enjoyed the treatment her husband was giving her, while enjoying the taste of her friend.

Both women climaxed within seconds from each other.

The men were both horny too. It seemed as if the hot scene have made Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife forget about his inhibitions. He was craving for his wife, he wanted to fuck her there and then. Mr. Bisexual-Wife was always ready to fuck his wife. But the women had not have enough of each other yet. Bisexual-Wife grabbed the cushions off the couches, pushed the coffee table aside and threw the cushions on the floor. She lay down on the cushions and patted the space in front of her, looking at Bi-Curious-Wife. Her friend lay down in front of her. Bisexual-Wife kissed her friend, kissed each of her nipples, also lightly biting them, then kissed her belly and her pussy. She pushed her tongue deep between her friend’s pussy lips, tasting her and then she lay down. The women were now facing each other’s pussies. Again Bisexual-Wife patted the cushions, this time behind her and looking at her husband. Within moments he was behind her. She looked at Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife who was still on the couch, with the camera in his hand. Bisexual-Wife told him to put the camera down and to lie down behind his wife as she demonstratively put her hand on her husband’s hard cock. He was still wearing his pants. She fumbled with his belt for a bit, making it clear that she wanted him to undress.

In the meantime Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife has lain down behind his wife. He followed the lead of the other man and took his pants off. Bisexual-Wife had clear sight on his hard cock, just as Bi-Curious-Wife had clear view on the hard cock of Mr. Bisexual-Wife. Bisexual-Wife felt her husband’s hand on her tits, pinching her nipples. She was wet, she wanted to be fucked, she wanted to taste pussy. She paid all her attention to the pussy in front of her. Around her lots of things were happening. Mr. Bisexual-Wife was pinching her nipples; Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife was kissing his wife’s neck and Bi-Curious-Wife covered Bisexual-Wife’s pussy with her mouth. She loved the feeling of the warm mouth on her sex and the pinching of her nipples. Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife cupped one of his wife’s breasts, rolling her hard nipple between his fingers. Mr. Bisexual-Wife ran his hand over his wife’s buttocks and from behind he pushed a finger deep into her wet pussy. Bi-Curious-Wife felt the finger and pulled back. Bisexual-Wife moaned and pushed her crotch back towards Bi-Curious-Wife’s face, clearly not wanting her to stop. Mr. Bisexual-Wife pulled his wife’s leg up and entered her from behind. He held onto her leg as he pushed his cock in and out of her. Bisexual-Wife wondered if Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife would take the hint and fuck his wife too. He did. He copied the actions of Mr. Bisexual-Wife and soon his cock was in his wife too. Bisexual-Wife licked her friend’s pussy, but her tongue also touched Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife’s cock when he almost pulled it out of his wife. For the first time since the erotic scene has started, they heard Mr. Bi-Curious-Wife moan. Between Bisexual-Wife’s legs her friend also discovered that she could lick both a pussy and a cock. Soon the men were not only fucking pussies, but also fucking mouths. The women were not only licking pussies, but also sucking cocks. When the men felt that they were soon going to come, they fucked their wives hard and deep. The women grunted and moaned, sucking hard on each other’s clitorises. The men climaxed, spurting their loads deep into their wives. The women still sucked each other until they too climaxed.

Two normal couples enjoying each other’s company.

A normal Saturday evening.

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  1. wow …. if this is a normal saturday evening then I cant wait to see what happens when things get out of hand ….lol

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