When you read about exhibitionism, it is generally accepted that exhibitionism is the perverse urge to expose yourself in public.

As she read this, Rebel immediately had to think of an old man with a long, brown raincoat who flashes his genitals at unexpected teenage girls somewhere in a park. This image just came up in her mind.

Rebel has always thought of herself as being exhibitionistic, or, in other words, having the tendency to exhibitionism. But she has never thought of herself as being perverse. She will not expose herself to someone if she has the notion that the other person is not a likeminded soul.

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Rebel’s exhibitionistic nature comes to expression in environments where she can be exhibitionistic without people taking offence. For instance, in the sauna. She loves walking around naked between the other women and knowing that she is seen, that the other women are looking at her. Her big, striking tattoo draws the attention to her body when she gets into a bubble bath or takes a shower. Rebel tends to straighten her back and push her breasts forward just a bit more. She loves it when she knows that the other ladies are watching her. Sometimes she even feels her nipples harden and her pussy getting wet.

Another place where she loves to be watched is when she goes out with her husband. She always puts on something sexy or maybe leave off part of her clothing, like panties or a bra. She makes sure her husband knows about it and she likes to think that he cannot get it out of his mind when he knows that she’s not wearing panties. When she sees other men watching her when they are out, her mind tells her that the men can see or sense that she’s not wearing any underwear. These thoughts excite her.

Another way in which her exhibitionism is expressed is when her husband fingers her. She loves it when the only light in the room is that of the television. This light makes her pussy clearly visible to her husband and she loves it when he looks at her pussy as he fingers her. When she sees him looking at her, Rebel tends to spread her legs even more to give him more to look at. And as she looks down at her own body, seeing it in the light of the television, she feels even more excited. Her hard nipples, her stomach and the roundness of her pussy. The sight of it always makes her feel even hornier. Many times this has led to repeating orgasms.

Source: konachan.com

To Rebel showing herself is all about the thrill. A fantasy is to be somewhere in a public place with someone familiar, wearing a dress with nothing underneath. The other person will be across from her, but not close to her. Rebel would want to spread her legs and give the other person a clear view of her pussy. There will be other people around and there will always be the possibility that some of the other people can see her pussy too. Just thinking of this makes Rebel’s pussy go wet again.

Rebel loves her own exhibitionistic nature… and that is why she also loves to be photographed in the most sexual ways she can imagine. But not only to be photographed. She loves to share the photos with others.

It’s all about the thrill… and the sexiness… and being watched!

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5 thoughts on “Exhibitionistic

  1. Mmmmmmm I think a light touch of exhibitionism is absolutely awesome. I love the idea of discret public flashing for those that are in on the plan. In fact I have a fantasy of meeting you for a coffee and then half way through sending you to the ladies to take off your panties and returning them to me discreetly. We both know you have nothing on underneath your dress but no one else does, very very sexy


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