Erotic Bodypainting

Rebel had an appointment for a bodypainting session. This was not going to be the first time that she would be painted, but it was going to be the first time that she would be painted while totally naked. The theme was: lingerie.

The artist started off with a kind of see-through bodice, some ‘sleeves’ and then hold-up stockings. During the painting Rebel had some moments where she felt herself go wet. She tried to think of ice cubes to make the hot feeling in her body disappear, but it did not help entirely.
To complete the ‘over-the-top’ look some fake eyelashes and very long fake nails were added to the picture. A bright red painted mouth and some curly mascara lines completed the metamorphosis of Rebel’s face. Rebel’s pretty red and black leather pumps completed the picture.

After being painted, Rebel had a short photo session where both her husband and the artist made some pictures. By the end of the photo session, Rebel’s pussy was quite wet…

On their way home, Rebel dropped her pants. Her husband fingered her to a couple of orgasms and when they got home, the fun continued…

© Rebel’s Notes

9 thoughts on “Erotic Bodypainting

  1. Hey this lingerie body painting story was arousing, sure Rebel went horny if the darkness at outside labia is paint, btw the lingerie was very nice, long red nails are amazing. Happy to have found this blog

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