Another piercing update

It has been two-and-a-half weeks since Rebel’s inner labia have been pierced. Time for another update!

In the first week after she has been pierced, Rebel felt as if her pussy was constantly on fire. No, that’s not entirely true. She could sit, she could walk, she could drive her car – everything without any pain. But whenever she had to touch her pussy, for whatever reason, it hurt. Rebel sometimes even thought that her clitoris piercing was hurting too, but it was just a kind of transfer pain from the labia piercing.

About a week after she has been pierced, Rebel was in her car on her way home, thinking about her latest piercing experience. Suddenly it was almost as if she could feel the pain of the needle going through her labia again! At that moment she could not fathom anymore that she had stayed in the chair, ready to be pierced through her other labium when she already knew how much it was going to hurt. And then, following the shivers that ran through her body with these thoughts, she had another feeling. A feeling of… pride. There’s no other word for it. She did it! She did what she and her husband had been fantasizing about for months, maybe years!

Only about two weeks after being pierced Rebel was ready to be fucked again. Oh, they have played around after she was pierced, but Rebel did not want her husband to enter her. Especially since it hurt a lot a day after she had only played with her clitoris the night before. The moment the pain was almost gone, she was ready for her husband. How ready? Well, the pic says it all, doesn’t it?

At the end of the month Rebel has to go back to the piercing studio for a check-up. At that moment she will ask the ladies whether it’s possible to make a little change to her piercings. What change? You will have to wait for the next piercing update…

© Rebel’s Notes

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