Weekend horniness

Sometimes it seems as if Rebel is less horny during the week, but come the weekend, her horniness takes over. Maybe it’s because she’s more relaxed during the weekend.

That same happened today. She woke up and felt rested. But she also felt that familiar tingle between her legs. She was in the mood for sex. She quickly did her household chores. The wetness between her legs was constantly present. Under the shower she shaved her pussy. Rebel loved the softness of her pussy lips and she had to force herself not to masturbate under the warm water of the shower.

Back in her bedroom Rebel walked around naked for a while. In the meantime she selected her clothes for the day – normal pants and a normal sweater. Under these clothes she wore a thong and a quarter cup bra. She loves to wear these bras – it makes her feel super sexy. Then Rebel dove into her drawer with sex attributes. Out came her buttplug. Horny as she was, she wanted to intensify the feeling by ‘wearing’ the buttplug. The feeling of this intrusion of her butt all day long will have her pussy all wet by the time she goes to bed, but will also send shivers of pleasure through her clitoris all day long.

During the day her husband – who knows about her lingerie and the buttplug – pinched her nipples whenever he walked passed her of he grabbed her ass and pushed against the buttplug. Rebel loved to feel the buttplug being pushed in deeper, to feel it move, to experience the sensations it sent all through her body.

By the time they went to bed she had an almost constant flow of wetness between her legs. Very soon after her husband touched her clitoris for the first time, she orgasmed. And then she wanted more and more. The buttplug stayed in place until her husband decided that it is time to replace it with two of his fingers. And as he did, she enjoyed even more. Prolonging the moment of her orgasm she just lied there and enjoyed the sensation of being filled. As she felt her orgasm coming nearer, she put her hand on her pussy. With two fingers she started to rub her clitoris. From the tips of her fingers a tingling feeling started to crawl towards her nipples. From her toes she felt the same tingling feeling rising up her legs. Then the tingling feelings met each other right there where her clitoris was and she exploded in a forceful orgasm.

For moments after this climax she could not bear to be touched, but very soon they continued…

© Rebel’s Notes

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