To be with a woman

Her first experience with a woman dates from quite some time back.

Rebel and the other woman – let’s call her Sheila – first took a bath together. In the bath they both shaved their pussies so not one hair was left. They sometimes touched it other – pinching a nipple, cupping a breast – but left the real work for later. When they got out of the bath, they were both in the mood for what was going to follow.

They lay down next to each other on the bed. Stroking each other’s bodies and kissing they got even more in the mood than they already were. Sheila turned around. She was now facing Rebel’s pussy and Rebel could clearly see the wet pussy of Sheila in front of her. Both of them then only had attention for the sweetness right in front of them. While she felt the one sensation after the other running through her body, Rebel softly licked the outside line of Sheila’s pussy lips. Up and down. Up and down. She pushed her tongue in between the lips just a bit further with every lick until she could feel Sheila’s clitoris pressing against her tongue.

With two fingers Rebel spread Sheila’s pussy lips. Her tongue firmly circled the little knob. Sheila’s heavy breathing and moans let her know that what she was doing was good. She sucked Sheila’s clitoris in between her lips and sucked on it firmly. Sheila’s body tensed. Rebel let go and moved her tongue a bit lower, tasting the sweet juices of the other woman. She loved the taste of another woman and she loved the softness. What she loved just as much was what Sheila was doing to her. Sheila’s mouth on her clitoris sent light electric-like sensations through her body. Her nipples were rock hard and she could feel her own orgasm building. The harder Sheila sucked and licked her pussy, the harder Rebel sucked and licked Sheila’s pussy.

Rebel’s mouth then concentrated only on Sheila’s clitoris. She stuck a finger in the other woman’s pussy and started fingering her while sucking hard on her pussy. And she could feel Sheila doing exactly the same to her. The harder she sucked Sheila, the harder Sheila sucked her. It felt so good! Sucking hard and fingering at top speed made both women climax within seconds after each other.

Both woman lied back trying to catch their breaths. The evening was still young, lots more excitement would follow…

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. I think TJ is absolutely right, find a sheila and go for it, just capture it on film and share the beauty with the rest of us …. WOW

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