The steam cabin

They met each other at the sauna on a regular working day. The sauna was far from their separate home towns. They would be there the entire day and they could sense each other’s horniness. But they knew that they would have to be careful, because no intimate contact was allowed in the sauna.

After they have undressed and put on their bathrobes, they entered the restaurant to have a cup of coffee. Both had to calm down their excitement. From the restaurant they went on to the shallow pool which served as a footbath. Then the day really started – into the one sauna, into the next, swimming, just relaxing. Rebel knew that he was watching her all the time and whenever she happened to sit across from him, she opened her legs just a bit more than she normally would. This way he could clearly see between her legs and she loved the feeling it evoked in her.

It was only after they had lunch that things got really heated. They found a shower around a corner. Normally in a sauna there are four or five showers next to each other. And normally the showers were in plain sight of the other sauna guests. The shower they found were in a blind corner and there was only one sauna. If one of them stood in the opening of the shower to watch who was approaching, the other could stand in the shower out of site. first they both stood around the corner. With his body he blocked the view from her. He touched her breasts, her pussy and she started to jerk him off. He must have been very horny, because it did not take long for him to shoot his load. He stepped back and stood in the opening of the shower; Rebel stood under the shower, out of sight. His hands wandered over her body, touching her breasts, circling her nipples and moving down to her pussy. He started to rub her clitoris. Rebel sighed. At last she would be able to get rid of some of the sexual tension in her body.

Unfortunately, she was a bit nervous and her orgasm did not build as quickly as it normally would when she was that horny. She was just about to climax when they heard someone talking. He stopped touching her and Rebel pretended to be enjoying the shower, throwing her head back and enjoying the water falling on her head with closed eyes. Just across from the shower was an ice cave. The couple that disturbed them entered the cave and stayed there for quite some time. Neither Rebel nor her companion dared to continue with what they were doing. And neither of them were in the mood to wait until the couple left. They decided to see whether there was another private corner somewhere.


They found something better. There was no one in the steam cabin. The steam cabin had a glass door, but it was so steamed up that you could not see whether someone was in there until you enter it yourself and let your eyes get used to the steam inside. They sat down next to each other across from the door. When someone entered, they would be able to see it immediately. His hand slid over her back and to her sides, touching the side of her breasts. With his hand on her back, he pushed her forward and his hand went to her lower back. At first she did not understand what he wanted. Then he touched her ass and try to get his hand under her. Suddenly she understood what he was trying to do. She leant forward to give him access to her pussy.

She was so wet that he could easily slip two fingers in her pussy. She supported herself on her hands and leant forward as far as she could, lifting her ass from the surface they were sitting on. Her legs were spread and her nipples were hard. She wondered what people might think if they would be able to see her now. But she could not really care about it. All she wanted now was to have an orgasm, to give in to the primal need inside her. The hand that caused her excitement to build was now also touching her clitoris. Alternating between rubbing her clitoris and fingering her. She felt her orgasm coming closer and closer. Her pussy was soaking wet and all the fibers in her body were tense. She wanted to come!

And she did!

© Rebel’s Notes

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