Rebel’s piercing play

Yesterday morning Rebel came out of the shower and she was a bit horny. Only a little bit, but enough for her wanting to play around. She loves the feeling of something hanging from her piercing and in her horny mood that is just what she wanted. First she hooked a pearl-like pendant on her piercing, but it was not heavy enough for her liking. So she hooked on some other things, until the weight felt good. And… as it sometimes goes… the one thing led to another and before long she was making photos of her ‘creation’.

Who knows what Rebel might do the next time she’s horny when she comes out of the bathroom!!!

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “Rebel’s piercing play

  1. and who could blame you, I would take pictures too if I had the opportunity, before getting down and using my tongue, teeth and fingers of course!

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