Rebel’s anal play

Rebel loves anal play. There is something about it that makes her feel naughty, but also very sexy and very horny. Her husband knows exactly what she likes and reads her like a book. He knows when to tease her by just touching her rosebud or when to push two fingers into her ass with force.

Playing her ass with her toys or fingers is another thing that Rebel likes. On her back on the bed she plays with her pussy while her husband watches her. He likes to watch her and Rebel likes to be watched. She rubs her clitoris and fingers herself, coming several times. Her toys are never far away and frequently find their way to her pussy. Some of those toys don’t only know the way to her pussy, but also to her highly sensitive ass. Rebel never prevents them from going there – no, she shows them the way.

Click on the first photo to start a short slideshow showing some of Rebel’s anal play.

Ooooh, how she loves the feeling of something stuck in her ass. And the climax that normally follows anal play is always so intense, that Rebel cannot bear to be touched for a couple of minutes because of the sensitivity of every fibre in her body.

Maybe one day Rebel will tell you how she lost her anal virginity!

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