Rebel has a date!


Rebel has a date! After deliberating with herself for almost a year, she has decided to indeed set the step. On Saturday 18 December she will do it. She knows it’s probably going to hurt like hell, and she knows that she might be very uncomfortable for a couple of days. She also knows that for a couple of days she might not even be able to have sex. Still, Rebel has made a decision and she is going to stick with it.

Rebel has a couple of days to mentally prepare her for the procedure. On Saturday she and her husband will drive out to the city and go to the small shop where they have frequently been before. There Rebel will tell the ladies what she wants. She will probably have to wait a couple of minutes, then she will have to make her choice of jewelry and then she will have to take place in a chair that very closely resembles that of a dentist. Before she takes place she will have to remove her pants and panties. On the chair she will have to spread her legs. And then Rebel will start to breath, because she will have to get herself prepared for the pain that will soon come.

Rebel will have her inner labia pierced this coming Saturday!

The inner labia piercing takes 4 – 6 weeks to heal. These piercings are, unlike the clitoral hood piercing, not placed for any pleasurable sensations, but simply for the visual appeal.

An update (with photo’s) will follow.

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