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Rebel loves sex. That’s a fact. She loves everything about sex. Not only doing it, or watching it, but also reading about it. Oh, and not to forget, writing about it!

Actually, Rebel enjoys reading about sex more than watching a porn movie. Years ago, when she first discovered sex stories on the internet, she bookmarked a site that has hundreds and hundreds of stories. More stories are added frequently. Nowadays she frequently goes back to to read stories. Her favorite categories are anal, BDSM, exhibitionist & voyeur and group sex.

What is the fun in reading a sex story? Rebel is the kind of woman who see images with everything she hears or reads. She loves reading and she has a vivid imagination. When she reads the sex stories, she can easily place herself in the place of a main person. She feels the hands on her body, the touches, the penetrations, the pain, the pleasure. And she can feel her own body reacting. Sometimes she feels juices trickling from her pussy. Oh, to be able to experience all those things the women experience in the stories. How must it be to be part of a group sex session, where many men stand around her, touch her, pinch her, penetrate her? Will she be able to feel from the touch whose hand it is? And if she ever gets in a situation like that, will she be able to let go of her own inhibitions and just go with the flow and allow everything? To cross her own boundaries?

Reading about sex is not the only thing Rebel likes to do. She also likes to write about it – about her fantasies. In her fantasies she has no boundaries at all. Anything can happen. She does everything her heart desires and she allows everything to be done to her. The more the better. The harder the better. She writes in an explicit manner, hoping to excite others as much as she’s excited when she reads the stories others have written. Then of course she likes to know that her words are read. There are two people very close to her who reads every word she writes – she loves that. And she hopes that she excites them a little bit too.

But most of all she loves the magic feelings in her body when writing her own stories. She sometimes feels her nipples go hard or her pussy go wet and she just loves the feeling of it. Her body reacting to the words she sees appearing on her screen – that’s the magic feeling. The next step will be to act out her own fantasies… but Rebel still needs to get used to that idea and be ready to cross that boundary.

For now she just wants to enjoy her own wetness…

© Rebel’s Notes

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