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In a recent blog Rebel announced that she had a date to go to the city on Saturday 18 December. Unfortunately, due to heavy snowfall and bad weather, they could not keep this appointment. It was postponed for a couple of days and eventually happened on 22 December. There was still snow all over, but the roads and sidewalks were better to walk on than they were on the weekend.

They arrived at the piercing shop just ten minutes after it opened. Rebel was the first customer and she told the lady behind the counter what she wanted. Bummer! They had to make an appointment. Rebel checked their website about a week ago and nothing was said on there, but the lady behind the counter was adamant: they had to make an appointment. So said, so done. Luckily they could get an appointment for 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so they had about three hours to kill. They did some shopping (which they had to do anyway) and then went to a restaurant for lunch. Forty minutes before their appointment they were in the piercing studio again.

Rebel had to complete a consent form before they would even think of starting the procedure. Then, half an hour before her appointment Rebel was called in by the lady. On the one side this was a good thing, as Rebel was deadly nervous, but on the other hand it was a bad thing as she could not get her nerves calmed down. She started shaking when she disappeared behind the curtain. Adrenaline rushed through her body. The lady asked her to sit down on a white sterile cloth after Rebel had undone herself of her pants and panties. Rebel lay back in the ‘dentist chair’ and she was asked to hang her legs over the side, so her legs were spread.

First the lady – who was very kind to Rebel – cleaned Rebel’s pussy with a disinfectant. This stung a bit, but Rebel did not flinch. The next step was to put dots with a special kind of ink on the place where the piercings were going to be placed. For this she used a short, thing wooden stick. Rebel liked the sensations she felt on her pussy. She even thought that she felt herself going wet! Rebel would not have minded if the lady carried on with this step of the procedure for a while longer!

From the next step the hurting would start. A clamp was attached to her left inner labium. This already hurt a bit and Rebel sighed. How was she going to be able to withstand the pain of the piercing if this already hurt? She had little time to think about it. Before she knew an excruciating pain ripped through her pussy. She yelled. Not too loud, but she did yell. She was holding her husband’s left hand with her right hand and she almost crushed it! He had to ask her to let go so he could reposition her hand. When the pain came she grabbed her left thigh with her left hand. Rebel dug her nails into her thigh, trying to hurt herself there so her attention would be switched from the pain in her pussy to the pain in her leg. It did not. When the lady put the first piercing ring through the newly pierced hole, Rebel cried it out again. In the meantime her husband has grabbed her left hand into his right.

Rebel did not even have a chance to take a deep breath. “On to the next one,” the lady said as she put the clamp on Rebel’s right labium. Rebel tried to concentrate on breathing through her nose, but soon she forgot it. Yet again an almost unbearable pain shot inflamed her pussy. She hung onto her husband’s hands, totally cramped up. “Is it done?” she wanted to know, and was almost disappointed when she heard that the second ring still had to be put in. For the last time she felt a sharp pain and then it was done. The lady used a damp tissue to wipe away some blood and kept the cool cloth against Rebel’s pussy to dab away more blood. Rebel remembered from what she has read on the website of the piercing studio that the inner labia piercings can bleed quite a bit, due to the area having many small blood vessels.

When the lady started to clean up, Rebel quickly looked at her pussy just before getting off the chair and smiled when she saw the piercings. She got off the chair, got dressed and followed her husband to the counter where they paid for the work done and left the piercing studio. It was when they were about ten meters away from the door of the studio that Rebel started to giggle. “I’ve done it, I’ve really done it!” “You did,” her husband said with a broad smile and kissed her. This is something they both wanted and both of them were filled with pride that Rebel did it.

Oooooooh how much fun are they going to have with these piercings!!!

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