Necessary evil

When women are in their teenage years they start to develop. Some of them get big breasts, other normal-sized breast and yet others have small breasts. But no matter how big the breasts are, all of them start off with a training bra. As the growth progresses, they get ‘real’ bras. It seems to be the way it should be, the way the society has decided that it should be.

For Rebel it was no different. She too started off with a training bra and for many years she wore quite a small sized bra, because she had small breasts. In her adult years her breasts did grow to a normal size and so her bra size increased too. A part of her body that Rebel is very proud of is her breasts. She loves to wear push-up bras or to wear tight clothes in which her breasts are presented the best. She also loves to touch her breasts, whether it’s only a nipple or cupping her entire breasts. She just loves the feel of it. Whenever she gets the chance – mostly at home – she does not wear a bra at all.

So, recently Rebel has made a decision. Since it’s commonly accepted that women should wear bras, she could just as well combine her preference to wear no bra with the necessary evil of having to wear a bra. Rebel has decided that she would buy a couple of quarter cup bras. That way she will have a bra that will support her breasts and make it clear to the dictation society that she is wearing a bra, but she will also feel the freedom of her nipples touching her clothes. And most of all, it will make her feel sexy. Going to her work or going to the shops without a proper bra… what a feeling! She knows that when she starts to wear the quarter cup bras every day, she will constantly think of it in the first couple of weeks. She knows that she will have the feeling that everybody can see it or that everybody knows it. But she guesses that eventually it will become just as natural to wear quarter cup bras as it is to wear normal bras.

After having made this decision, Rebel is now shopping around for quarter cup bras. Since these kinds of bras are not commonly accepted, she mostly ends up on websites with erotic shops when she searches for it. It might take quite some time before she has the bras she wants, but in her search for it she’s stumbling over quite interesting attributes. But that’s something for other blog posts!

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