More Jewelry

Looking at this picture the first thing you think of is jewelry. Actually, the first thing I thought was that I was looking at a piercing.

Then I read the description that went with the picture…

This is a butt plug and a very nice one indeed. This is a stainless steel butt plug and they are designed for a nice comfortable fit for long term wear. They weigh more than other butt plugs so whoever is wearing it, is constantly reminded what they are wearing and is subject to extreme stimulation. The stainless steel takes on the body heat very quickly and is very comfortable to wear. This plug turns a body into a work of art. You can get this butt plug with several colored stones in the base but you even get then with real Swarovski crystals!

You even get them in three different sizes:

  • Small – 3” / 75mm in length – 1 ¼” / 32mm in diameter – weighs 206g
  • Medium – 3 ½” / 90mm in length – 1 3/8” / 35mm in diameter – weighs 297g
  • Large – 3 ¾” / 95mm in length – 1 ½” / 38mm in diameter – weighs 445g
And where can you buy it?

Maybe soon Rebel will have one of these too… but oh, which size to choose?

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