Big shopping moment

Last week Rebel had a big shopping moment.

As you know, Rebel is married and her husband just loves her sexual nature. Something else he loves just as much as that is the fact that Rebel keeps on searching for her boundaries. Once found, she explores it and frequently she crosses the boundary and sets a new one. It was in one of the moments that she was exploring that they came to a big shopping moment. Rebel has lots of fantasies and wants to try out so many things. Not everything can be tried out when you are in a family situation, but you can at least try those things that are not too obvious!

Back to the shopping moment. Rebel wanted some new sexy toys. She was surfing the internet when she came across some things that she would love to try out. Some things were just ‘normal’, others were for the tougher approach. And yet again, others were only meant to make Rebel feel sexy. Some days ago Rebel placed a blog about a very beautiful buttplug and yes, you have guessed it… this item was included in the big shopping moment. She left it to her husband to decide which size to order. He ordered one that weighs 355 grams and of which the plug itself has a diameter of 40 millimeters. When Rebel saw this she could feel light excitement way down there!

Other things that were included in the same box:
• Bondage rope – three pieces with a total length of 26 meters
• Nipple clamps with small weights on them
• Nipple clamps with a small whip attached to each
• Nipple clamps with small butterflies on them
• Triple D-sign beads (orgasm balls)
• Two clitoris clips
• Chain with nipple and pussy clamps
• Some quarter cup bra’s (Yes! At last Rebel can wear these bra’s more frequently now
• Fairy Mini Vib (next generation Magic Wand)


In the next weeks and months Rebel will be playing with her new toys. She has to try all of them out, to see whether she likes playing with it and if she wants to play with it again. And again. Maybe, when Rebel tries out her toys, she will show you the photos that will definitely be made. She might even share them with you… if you want to see it?

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2 thoughts on “Big shopping moment

  1. Looking forward to the pics. Maybe you should make a video trying out some of those nice things. I can imagine the you go to the roof when you are tight up with your hook in your ass and the fairy pushing hard and vibrating on your clit.

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