Being watched

Many of Rebel’s fantasies are about being watched. Not about being watched when she walks down the street, but about being watched when she plays with herself. Or when she has sex. Or when she’s feeling sexy.

Rebel can imagine herself sitting on a bench in the middle of the city center, watching the people go by in the distance. The square is in the city center, but away from the shoppers. People let their dogs out on the grass on the square and she enjoys watching the dogs play. It’s a nice hot day and she is wearing a loose fitting dress. Under her dress she is wearing no panties. The feeling of freedom and the occasional light gust of wind under her dress is exciting her. There are other benches on the other side of the peaceful square – some close, some far away. As a man comes to sit on the other side of the square, watching her, she casually uncrosses her legs, allows him a glimpse between her legs and then crosses her legs again. She pretends that she does not see him watching her. Knowing that he watches her and knowing that he could see her pussy make her body glow.


Another fantasy of Rebel is where she is wearing no bra or, instead of a proper bra, she wears a quarter cup bra that leaves her nipples exposed. A slight low cut top covers her breasts. Her fantasy on this varies from bending over the desk of some man and allowing him to see her nipples to being outside where there’s more people, bending over to pick up something from the ground and letting whoever see that her nipples are uncovered. Just thinking of this makes Rebel’s nipples go hard.

Going to a sex fair has been a desire of Rebel for quite some time now. She fantasizes about what she would wear when she goes there. A short skirt, stockings, a very low cut top and as little underwear as possible. And high heels of course! This fantasy also has different scenario’s. She might be in a restaurant area of the fair and she might allow men and women to look at her pussy when she deliberately spread her legs for them to see her crotch. Of course she will pretend that she herself is not aware of the fact that someone else can see something. She might even absentmindedly cup a breast or pinch a nipple so it’s noticed. Another scenario is that she stands next to one of the stages, watching a show, and that she allows a stranger to touch her body.


All of these fantasies and many more play in Rebel’s head quite frequently, but if she would ever dare to go that far? She loves to be photographed in different positions, playing with herself or just posing for the camera. But the hornier she becomes when she’s photographed, the ‘harder’ she wants the photo to be. The hornier she gets, the more she dares in front of the camera. So maybe when she gets the chance to play out one of her fantasies, she might go farther than she can imagine now.

And maybe, just maybe one day she will play with herself and have a huge orgasm while a stranger is watching her!

© Rebel’s Notes

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