A nymphomaniac or not?

Is Rebel a nymphomaniac or not?

This is something Rebel wondered about a lot. Is she or is she not?

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On internet she found some definitions for nymphomania. On several online dictionaries she found the following definition: Excessive sexual desire in and behavior by female.

Another definition she found was: Abnormal and uncontrollable desire by a woman for sexual intercourse.

The English Definition Dictionary even described it as: A neurotic condition in women in which the symptoms are a compulsion to have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible and an inability to have lasting relationships with them.

If you analyze the different definitions, all of them mention sex, which is something that Rebel loves. However, her sexual drive is not abnormal, not uncontrollable, certainly she does not have a neurotic conditions and she does not have a compulsion to have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible or an inability to have a lasting relationship. After all, Rebel is married and have been for some time.

On another website Rebel found 12 symptoms of nymphomania! The symptoms are:

  • Persistent thoughts about coitus or sexual images (There definitely are some days where Rebel does show this symptom, but mostly there’s a reason for it. She can easily just ‘forget’ about sex too!)
  • Compulsive masturbation (Well, yet again, some days this is something that Rebel is ‘burdened’ by, but it definitely does not bother her!)
  • Promiscuous sexual activity (If you look back on her life she might have been promiscuous at some stage, but Rebel was always in control.)
  • Out of control behavior (If you count her out-of-control laugh sessions…)
  • Personality change (Me, myself and I?)
  • Anxiety (Nope!)
  • Depression (Nope!)
  • Low self esteem (Nope!)
  • Substance abuse (Definitely not!)
  • Alcoholism (Not at all!)
  • Repeated unsuccessful relationships (It took some time to find her soul mate…)
  • Person becomes obsessed with obtaining sexual gratification, to the detriment of their normal (social, occupational, recreational activities); often repeated attempts to cease behavior are unsuccessful. (Nope)
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What is Rebel’s diagnosis of herself? She is not a nymphomaniac at all – she just loves sex! To think about it, to read about it, to see it, to do it. She might go days without any need for sex at all and then all of a sudden she might want it a couple of times a week or she just cannot stop thinking about it. If she suffers from this ‘condition’, her nymphomania lies in expressing herself sexually, and what can be wrong with that? Rebel loves to share and therefore will share things that interest her, that intrigues her, things that appear in her fantasies and things she would like to try. And all these things will have one thing in common: SEX!

Rebel will go on loving sex and doing sexy things. She hopes to be able to do this until the day she dies. Hey, she might even cause havoc one day if ever she’s happens to be in an old aged home. Will she then still be as naughty as she is now? She definitely hopes so!

Enjoy the SEX Rebel shares with you on this blog. She sure does!

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