What is the added value of intimate piercings?

Eight years ago she was heavily against intimate piercings. Not all intimate piercings that is.

As it is a couple of years before that she had two nipple piercings, but both were constantly infected and after a couple of months she removed them. Then she decided to try it again and yet again the piercings were infected most of the time. So yet again she took them out and she swore no more piercings for her. Moreover because she also had a bellybutton piercing and her body rejected that too. She decided that her body just could not handle piercings, so she was not going to ever have a piercing placed again.

Then he came into her life. He revealed that he was fascinated by piercings: intimate piercings. Of course she said NO! She was not going to ever go down that road again. He never pushed her, but occasionally said that one day he will have her pierced. She constantly refused.

But deep down in her a small seed started to grow, because she too was fascinated by piercings. It took him two years to convince her. He never pushed her. She herself came to the conclusion that she would like intimate piercings again. Eventually she had her nipples pierced again, but also her clitoral hood. The latter hurt like hell, but since she had read that such a piercing enhances the sex life, she wanted to try it.

Her nipple piercings did not last for long – again! But now, after more than six years she still has the piercing in her clitoral hood. And she likes having it. Why? Well, all the things she read about it, that it stimulates a woman’s clitoris and the woman is constantly feeling horny – that’s not true. She only feels the piercing when it’s caught between her pussy lips in a certain way and by walking or pressing her legs together, she feels it stimulating her clitoris. It happens at times when she does not expect it at all: at her work, walking down the street while shopping, when she’s busy at home…

The one thing about the piercing that does excite her, is the fact that she knows about it. She has an intimate piercing and there are many people who know her who would never believe that she has such a piercing. That excites her. It excites her so much that she would love to have her inner labia pierced too.

Something else that she likes is to hang small charms on her piercing. The weight of a charm makes the piercing move around and then it definitely stimulates her clitoris. Mostly she uses a charm when she’s already horny. Then she wears a dress and no undies. The charm should be able to move around freely and to swing the piercing around. It’s such a wonderful feeling. And what she loves too is when her husband stimulates her clitoris and the piercing then presses against it. Or when her husband sucks her pussy and he flicks the piercing around with his tongue.

So what is the added value of an intimate piercing? It must be different for every woman. But for her? It makes her feel like a woman and it makes her feel sexy! And using it the way she does certainly enhances her sexlife!

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