Weekend wetness

Why is it that she always feels hornier in the weekend than during the week?

Occasionally during the week she’s in the mood for sex, but mostly nowadays her mindset is just not correct. Then on Friday evening the thoughts start to come. She feels her crotch getting wetter. Her thoughts start to wander on sexy routes. Thinking about sexual encounters – not only those with her husband, but also that with other women or men in the past. She fantasizes about things she would still want to do, like being outside and feeling the cold on her bare pussy. Gradually the tension in her body starts to grow on a Friday evening. She falls asleep, thinking about sex. She falls asleep, feeling her husband’s hand on her pussy. At that moment she would love to be taken by her husband, but tiredness mostly wins.

On Saturday morning she notices little of the sexual tension, but gradually during the day it continues. The explosion of these feelings can either come on Saturday or Sunday. Then she wants to have sex. Long, deep and hard. She then wants to be fondled, to be licked, to be fingered, to be taken deep. She loves to just surrender to the hands of her husband, to enjoy everything he does to her.

Now it’s Friday evening again and she feels the wetness in her crotch as well as the tiredness in her body. She knows that she would soon fall asleep again with her husband’s hand on her pussy, pushing against her clitoris. And she will think about that bench in the woods, sitting there with her long dress and no underwear. And her husband will stand a couple of meters away, facing her. He will watch as she pulls her dress up and widen her legs. He will see her wet pussy and he might even take a photo of it. Another picture might be where she lies on a thick tree trunk, on her back, exposing her breasts. Oh, she can think of so many things she can do in the woods. But before falling asleep she might think of something totally different than being naked in the woods. Her thoughts might go to the one time when another woman fingered her in the sauna or to the things she would love to do if she’s ever with another woman again.

There are so many sexy thoughts or thoughts about sex that could lull her to sleep…

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