Wedding anniversary

Unfortunately, due to time shortage she could not get back to the blog until now. Family, work, study – it takes up so much time.

But, yesterday was their fifth wedding anniversary. In the afternoon she emailed with her husband and their mails got hotter and hotter. She had to go to class directly after work, but so much wanted to go home, to act on what the hot things they have mailed to each other. So she decided to do both. She went to class, but left an hour before class was over.

On her way home she thought about what her husband told her. He was going to demand that she shows him her tits as soon as she walked into the house. This was because she was wearing a low cut dress and she herself was feeling kinda hot. So in the car, on her way home, she pushed her dress down and took one of her breasts out of her bra and dress. She knew that if someone was watching her, they would be able to see it and this excited her. She wished that she could make a picture of it to show her husband what she had done. Then she remembered that she had a camera in her bag. Not long after she made a picture, giggling when she wondered what people would think when they saw the flash in her car!


And when she came home? Her husband demanded to see her tits of course! And he made a couple of pictures too before they went upstairs to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in style!

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