The sauna

Years ago she and her friend went to the gym for a workout. They both had a subscription to go there three times a week and they both loved to take a shower after their workout, then go in the small sauna in the back of the dressing room and then take a shower again.

One morning after their workout, they both went under the shower. Her friend asked her whether she could scrub her back and she did. Then her friend told her to turn around so she could scrub her back too. She did and she enjoyed it. When her friend ‘accidentally’ touched the side of her breast, she thought nothing of it. Actually, it felt kind of nice!

They wrapped their towels around them and headed to the sauna. It was a normal working day for many people, so it was quiet in the gym. They liked it this way, because then the sauna is not as crowded as it could be. In the sauna they sat down next to each other, each on a towel. They were quiet, enjoying the soothing heat. She always loved the heat of the sauna. It was as if it did not only heat up the outside of her body, but every fiber inside her. Frequently, when sitting in the sauna, she feels her nipples and labia tingle with pleasure and anticipation. This morning was not different, but as always she just hid her feelings. She sighed, leaned back and supported herself with her arms behind her.

Suddenly her friend turned towards her, put her hand on her breast and started to kiss her. She was surprised, but she did not stop her friend. The feelings in her loins made her kiss her friend back. The hand on her breast, fondling her nipple was very pleasant. Her body was sweaty because of the heat of the sauna. Her friend’s hand slid down to her tummy and then to her thighs. She had a notion of what was coming and it excited her. Her friend’s caressed her inner thighs – first the one, then the other. Then the hand cupped her pussy. What a lovely feeling!

Her friend slipped her finger between her lips and felt her wetness. The finger was dipped in her juices and then circled softly around her half erect clitoris. This small piece of her rapidly doubled in size and became very sensitive. Two fingers now fondled her clit and a moan escaped her mouth. The feelings running through her body was wonderful. She completely surrendered to the hands of her friend. One finger slipped into her pussy, then another. In and out. Again. Then the fingers moved back to her clitoris. She felt an orgasm building in her body. Then the fingers slipped in her again. In and out. In and out. Faster. Around her clitoris. In her pussy. Her friend fingered her. Hard. Harder. And harder.

Her body exploded in an orgasm.

One last kiss and they left the sauna after being in there for only ten minutes.

© Rebel’s Notes

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