The Riverbank (2)

Continued from… The Riverbank (1)

He looked at the same boat. Without saying another word, he got out of the car and walked around to her side. The fisherman paid no attention to the movements behind him. When he opened her door and held his hand out towards her, she got out. Hand in hand, they walked towards the river, where some massive cement blocks protruded from the water.

She sat down in the lotus position. He sat down next to her, his legs stretched out in front of him. They stared out over the water for a while, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

“Slip the ribbons off you shoulders,” he said, not taking his eyes off the water.
She looked at him.
“I’ve got a better idea,” she smiled as she undid the ribbons. When she tied them again, her dress dropped low in the front. Low enough to expose her breasts to the sun. Her nipples were yet again hard. He glanced at her and smiled when he saw what she did. Supporting himself on his elbow, he stretched out on his right side to look at her. His face was at the same height as her exposed tits.

She smiled down at him and moved her right hand towards her right breast. With soft movements, she circled her hard nipple. He loved to watch when she touched herself. However, he also loved to join in the action. He leant forward and took her left nipple between his lips. When the fisherman glanced over to them, they looked like two lovers enjoying the outdoors.

Another boat approached on the water. Her finger stopped circling her nipple. He noticed this and looked at her face. When he saw the direction of her look, he turned his head.

“Do you want to cover yourself?”
“No,” she whispered.
He smiled at her and then returned to sucking her nipple. She did not touch her other nipple anymore, but watched the approaching boat, wondering whether they could see her. She saw no one on the deck. There was no reaction as the boat sailed by.
“Do you want to be looked at, sweets?” he asked, when he saw a boat approaching from the side where the other just disappeared. This one was closer to the riverbank that they were on. She nodded. He sat up and looked around him. Not far from them was a spot where he could rest his back against. He stood up, sat down there and beckoned her to follow him.

“Sit down here,” he said, tapping the spot between his legs. She did as she was told. Once she sat, he pulled on the ribbons on her shoulders. The front of her dress dropped to her waist.
“Pull your legs up,” he said. Once again, she met his request. He pushed her knees to the sides, spreading her legs. Her dress was pulled up over her knees. All the fabric of her dress now rested around her waist. Not only her small breasts were exposed but her pussy were glistening in the sun too. Her pussy lips were parted, her clitoris swollen.

She sat with her back against his chest. His hands reached between her legs. The boat was now at a 45-degree angle to their right and if anyone happened to look from there, they would see her nakedness. He dipped his finger into her wetness. With his wet finger, he started to rub her clitoris. On the deck of the boat a man appeared. An intense feeling was taking possession of that small piece of her body. The man did not look towards the riverbank, but seemed to be occupied by something on the deck of the boat. She felt a trickle of fluid running from her pussy towards her buttocks. The man straightened up and turned around just as the boat was almost right in front of them. The finger yet again dipped in her wetness and moved back to her throbbing clitoris. It was now clear that the man on the boat saw them. They both watched him. The finger on her clitoris moved quicker. She felt a climax built up inside of her. The man still watched them, then waved. From the riverbank, they waved back. The finger on her clitoris never stopped. She cupped her breasts, still looking at the man on the boat. He still watched them. She was close to her climax now. Four fingers were vigorously rubbing her clitoris and slipping in and out of her pussy.

She put both her hands on the ground on either side of him, supporting herself. Watching the man on the boat, feeling as if she was looking right into his eyes, she lifted her bum from the cement and spread her legs as far as they would go. She presented him with her pussy. Four fingers rubbed her at a maddening pace.

Just before the boat was too far for the man on it to see, she had a squirting climax.

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