The Riverbank (1)

When his car pulled up in front of central station, she had been waiting for about half an hour. She was happy to see him. It has been three weeks since the last time they were together. Once she was in the car, she greeted him with a kiss and a hug. He looked at her approvingly, feeling content now that she at last was at his side again. She was wearing a long summer dress, made of very thin fabric. Ribbons on her shoulders held the dress up. What he did not know was that she was wearing nothing else, but the dress. And her shoes of course.

He drove off, knowing exactly where he would take her. She looked out of the window, holding his hand and enjoying the scenery. Very soon, they were out of the city centre and driving towards the industrial area. She recognized the area and realized that they were on the road, which would soon run parallel to the river. In a clearing between two factory yards, he turned onto a dirt road that led towards the river. About three car lengths from the river, he parked the car. The nose of the car was pointing towards the river, which meant that they had their backs to the road from which they just came.

They talked for a while. However, both of them knew that they would not be able to have a proper conversation without getting rid of the built up tension inside of them. He bent forward and kissed her. His hand searched for the hem of her summer dress, wanting to slip his hand under it. At last, he found the edge. Without moving his lips from her, he pulled her dress up, uncovering her knees.

As if he had second thoughts, he moved his hand to her breasts. Through the fabric, he felt that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were half erect. She sharply inhaled when his fingers moved in circles around her nipples. First around the nipple of her left breast. Then around the nipple of her right breast. Her nipples hardened, seeking the way towards his fingers. He alternately cupped her breasts. Her tongue was moving around quicker and he knew her excitement was growing.

He broke the kiss off and lowered his head to her breasts. Softly, through the thin material of her dress, he bit her hard nipples. She looked down, feeling the knot in her belly as she saw and felt what he was doing. He flicked his tongue up and down over her nipples, knowing how much she loved this feeling. Through the fabric, he sucked her nipples into his mouth.

She saw how he kissed his way over her belly, moving his head towards her bottom half. The wet textile of her dress was clinging to her nipples, showing their hardness. With both his hands, he rapidly moved her dress up, exposing her shaved pussy to the sunlight that streamed in through the front window. She tilted her hips, sliding her buttocks down a bit. In the same movement, she spread her legs wider. He could just reach her pussy with his tongue.

The uncomfortable position he was in and the small space in the front of the car did not leave him many options to pleasure her. Gently he licked her clitoris, feeling it getting larger. He knew how much she liked it to have her little knob teased. Above him, she moaned softly. Her head rested against the headrest of the seat. Her eyes were closed. With his left hand he reached between her legs, slightly spreading her moist lips from each other.

“Shit!” she exclaimed.
“What?” he asked, not wanting to stop. He loved the taste of her.
“A car just drove up. There’s someone here,” she answered.

He sat up to look outside. There indeed now was a car parked next to his, a bit closer to the water than they were. A man, dressed all in brown, was getting some fishing gear from his trunk. He carried it to about 5 meters from the water and then walked back to his car. From the back, he got a chair, which he put right in front of his car. Then he got out what looked like a big cooler box and put that next to the chair. He sat down. From where they were watching him, they see him getting busy with hooks and nylon thread. From the same cooler box emerged a can of beer.

The couple in the car looked at each other.
“Damn,” he said. “what now? Do you want to leave?”
She shook her head.
“No, I am horny. I want to come,’ she said as she watched a boat sail by.

To be continued … The Riverbank (2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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