Spread the… lips

She likes to present herself. She likes to be looked at. She likes to look at herself when her husband is touching her. She likes to look at herself when she is touching herself. Whenever she’s in a horny mood, she wants to be seen. She wants to be looked at. She wants to present herself. Knowing this, she likes to have attributes – be it clothing, toys or other kinds of sexy things.

It took her quite some time to find something that she had in mind. She had this idea to have something that would spread her pussy lips and show her inner pink sides to her husband, or whoever else would like to look at it. The first thing she found was some fasteners for stockings. The fasteners had to be attached to the top of the stockings and the clamps on the other end were then attached to her pussy lips. When she sat still, it worked perfectly. For about two minutes. Then, as she got wetter, the clamps would slip off her pussy lips. Or when she moved, they slipped off. She decided that she wanted something where the clamps would be stronger. She knew it meant that it might hurt, but she was up for it.

Eventually she found the clamps she wanted. It consisted of a leather band and attached to that was a thin steel rod with a clamp on the end of it. She loved the idea of it and of course she wanted to try it. So one evening she tied the leather bands around her thighs and positioned the thin rods so the clamps just touched her pussy lips. She knew it was going to hurt, because she first tried it on her finger. The clamps were quite stiff. She sighed deep and then pulled her pussy lip towards the clamp. On it went. Quickly she attached the other clamp. She had to lie back and just get use to the hurting in her pussy lips. Then her husband started making photos and she felt herself getting wetter. She just loved it – being the subject of the photos and knowing that her husband could see the deep pink inside her pussy.

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