Showing herself

Rebel was always into sex. She only had sex for the first time when she was about fifteen, but in the year or two before that, she loved to be busy with it one way or the other. In the town where she grew up she was part of a group of friends. Girls and boys were in this group and the ages varied from about 13 to 20. The group liked to do things together like going to the movies, walking around, talking and other things teenagers do to keep busy. A game they like to play at the sports club on a Sunday – for some or other reason the place was deserted on a Sunday – was ‘Spin the bottle’. When a boy spun the bottle and it pointed to a girl when it stopped, he had to kiss the girl or when the bottle pointed to a boy, the nearest girl next to the boy. Girls had to do the same.


But as they got older, the games got more daring. Sometimes a variation on ‘Spin the bottle’ was that they had to let themselves be touched – in a sexual way of course. Rebel liked these daring games. Their neighbours had two boys – one younger than Rebel, the other older. Whenever Rebel sat on the steps of their veranda, the older of the two boys stood at the fence next to the two yards talking to her. It became a game between the two of them that Rebel would wear a dress or a skirt and she would sit in such a way that he could see her panties. This excited them both, but more than this they did not do.

Not for long that is, but eventually both of them wanted more. Not sex, but to show or see more. Whenever they were certain that the coast was clear, she would sit on the steps and slightly part her legs. To make it look ‘innocent’ Rebel put her arm closest to the wall of the veranda around the outside of her leg and her hand could touch her pussy. When the neighbour boy nodded, she knew that no one at all was around and she would quickly pull her panties aside so he could see her pussy. She never left it exposed for long, always afraid that someone might see them.

It never came to sex or anything more than this between the two of them, mainly because Rebel got involved with a 18-year old soldier. The two of them, frequently went to the movies, where she allowed him to fondle her, but here too it never got to sex.

Just as Rebel had always been busy with sex in one or other way during her teens, she continued with it during her adult years. She liked to shock people. She was a rebel after all! One day she went to the nude beach for the first time. She went with a good (older) friend. Mostly people went there as couples, but of course there was the occasional single man who went there to be able to see as many naked women as possible. One of these guys put his towel about three meters away from hers. His towel was positioned in such a way that when he lifted his head, he could look straight between her legs. And he did. Her companion caught him prying from between the cap he was wearing and the arm he was lying on.

Slowly she spread her legs to let the young man see more of her pussy. It took about two minutes for him to jump up and walk down to the beach with his towel. He dropped his towel close to the surf and went into the cold water. Apparently he needed this to literally cool off. Rebel and her companion sniggered when they saw this. Rebel was just positioned back on her towel, when her companion told her that the same young man was approaching them again. Unbelievable, but he put his towel down in exactly the same spot as before. The prying started again. Rebel spread her legs again, trying to get him to jump up again, but this time he did not. Or maybe he could not!


When the young man seemed to realize that no one was going to ask him to leave, he did not pry anymore but almost openly stared at Rebel’s pussy. Of course she could not see it, but her companion informed her in a whisper. Rebel decided to give the young man what he supposedly came for and she suspected that it would be a good way to finally get rid of him. She spread her legs just a bit more. Then she pushed herself up so she stood on her hands and knees. In the process of pushing herself up, she deliberately and extravagantly pushed her buttocks back. She felt her pussy lips spread and knew that the young man must be able to see the inner pink of her sex. This excited her and when she turned around to sit on her towel, her nipples were erect.

She pretended to casually look at the young man and saw him squirming on his towel a bit. Rebel enjoyed the thought that he might have a hard on she caused and that he did not dare to stand up and walk away. It took about ten minutes for him to leave and all this time Rebel had her legs pulled up and slightly spread and she could feel her own wetness trickle down to the towel.

Rebel loved the nude beach and she loved being watched!

© Rebel’s Notes

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